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Unpacking the Secrets of Successful Company Culture: Lessons from Bangkok's Company Culture Bootcamp

Wow, what an incredible experience I had in Bangkok thanks to the kind invitation from Kanyaporn Nawawijitkul to attend their Company Culture Bootcamp! Not only did I learn a tremendous amount from their generous sharing of knowledge and experiences with other companies in Thailand, but I also had the opportunity to meet the inspiring Head of Happy People (HR - L&D) Kanjanat Chalermjulamanee and MD Piyasak Ukritnukun.

Throughout the Bootcamp, I was able to capture numerous notes, photos, and "aha" moments that will undoubtedly prove invaluable in my professional development. Here are just a few of the key learnings that I took away from this experience:

  1. Building a strong company culture requires a people-first approach. It's not enough to simply memorize mission statements or values - every individual in the organization must truly understand and embrace them.

  2. Cultivating a culture by design takes ownership, a growth mindset, and a commitment to continuous evolution.

  3. Rapid experimentation and utilizing proven frameworks and methodologies are key components of successful culture-building.

  4. Decision-making should be based on data analytics and a deep understanding of all stakeholders - from customers to team members.

  5. Ngern Tid Lor provided a fantastic example of how to build a successful culture, with key factors including creating a strong why, communicating effectively, leading by example from senior management, aligning all systems and processes, and recognizing both culture gangsters and culture heroes. Measuring and sustaining culture is also crucial.

Overall, I was deeply impressed by the insights shared and the passion demonstrated by Kanyaporn Nawawijitkul and the team at Ngern Tid Lor. It left me wondering: What steps are you taking to build and sustain your own company culture?

A huge part of building strong culture happens when people and leaders work together through continuous learning. Share with us how we can help you with your current priorities and/or challenges. Find out more how can we collaborate by scheduling a free 30 minute call now!


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