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The Paradox of Experience

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

How experienced are you really?

No, don't tell me how many years you've been working for.

You see, I've met a ton of people who've said

"I've had 8 years in consumer goods," or "15 years in banking."

But on closer examination, it turns out Person A looks increasingly like they've had 1 year repeated 8 times, and Person B just 1 year repeated 15 times.

‘Hiring for the most experience is the lowest common denominator,’ says Kath Blackham, founder of cutting-edge digital agency, Versa.

Because unless you are challenging, pushing the envelope, changing things up, you are pretty much going through the Rinse-and-Repeat motions.

But at least if your one year is 2020 repeated over and over, you'll have a ton of learning and growth moments, right?

So, please grab a cuppa and take 2 mins (and 14 seconds) to watch this short video on the Paradox of Experience above.

 You've got this. Stu

Originally published by Stu in July 2020. Join us on 13th October on StoryLeading in a Crisis at 2:00 PM, SGT. Register here!

About the Author

Stu Lloyd

International Trainer, Speaker, Coach and Consultant

Stu is a professional storyteller for 30 years. He was a creative director in Ad agencies, author of 7 books, journalist, travel writer/blogger, specialist military history tour guide, TEDx MC/Speaker coach, trainer for Fortune 500s and entrepreneur.

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