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Here's a part of the free ebook by Executive Secretary

There is no precedent to the situation we find ourselves in currently and the uncertainty is what is making us all feel a little scared and unbalanced. But it is a time during which our businesses truly need you. Nobody else has the skill sets that you possess. And if you have wanted to step up into a leadership role and show your worth, this is absolutely the time to do it. I have come to the conclusion, that as long as we all come out of the other end of this alive, the rest is problem solving. In the middle of this situation, there is a great need for calm amongst the chaos and that is something that assistants excel at.

The rules of business just changed totally and there are things that you have expertise in, that nobody else in the business does. You are the experts at procedure, at process, at detail. Most Executives are ideas people. They don’t do detail or process. And your communication skills and emotional intelligence come to the fore at this point too.

So how can you help and make sure you are supporting the business in the best way possible through this crisis?

Find out more and learn from several experts on this ebook on Stepping into Leadership.

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