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The Role of a Management Professional…Are You One?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

How do you stack-up against the following Suggestions as a Management Professional?

“A Self Assessment”

Professional Requirements – Some Suggestions

Suggestion 1. Taking a broad global business perspective – understanding the major global trends and overall organization-wide impacts on the business and its strategies. You must really understand and learn the business. Think trends and futures for the business!

Suggestion 2. Willingness to risk and confront the CEO on things he does not want to hear like negative feedback…become a trusted confidant!

Suggestion 3. Get more involved in the planning of the strategic business strategy…don’t leave it to the planning guys.

Suggestion 4. Recommend ways to reduce overall costs and G&A expenses to enhance shareholder return and ROI

Suggestion 5. Conduct a functional organization analysis for streamlining purposes and to reduce organization bloat issues…a manpower planning review.

Suggestion 6. Deal with the non-performers “Dead Wood” and Dry Rot”, either develop or terminate them.

Suggestion 7. Reengineer the organization business processes and procedures to eliminate the non-value added work and tasks.

Suggestion 8. Get more involved in coaching, mentoring and developing your employees.

Suggestion 9. Improve your conflict management competencies and those of managers throughout the organization…don’t sweep “conflict” under the rug!

Suggestion 10. Be willing to change your “Mindset” and think outside the traditional box!…a willingness to receive negative feedback without becoming defensive. Remember feedback is a gift and present!

Suggestion 11. Be an active advocate throughout the organization for “Change”

Suggestion 12. Get more involved in defining the overall corporate culture…leadership style, values, behaviors and competencies etc…and model same!

Suggestion 13. Take an active role in organization-wide employee communication strategies.

Suggestion 14. Identify the key performers and conduct “Stay Interviews” with them.

Suggestion 15. Get more involved in the succession planning process identifying successors and high potentials to ensure the long-term viability of the business.

Suggestion 16. Do you have an Individual Development Plan (IDP)? …Remember learning is a lifelong process. “He who is not busy being reborn is busy dying!”

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