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5 Tips for Effective Delegation

"Delegating doesn't mean passing off work you don't enjoy, but letting your employees STRETCH their skills & judgement" - Harvey Mackay

The truth is, we can't do EVERYTHING. It's not possible. Whatever level of Leadership we are at...Supervisor, Manager, Executive or MD, we all fall into the same trap of trying to do it ALL ourselves.

Why do we do that? Is it because I don't TRUST my team to do it as good as I do? Or is it becasue I don't have TIME to train someone how to do it correctly? Or perhaps it's because 'secretly', I like to be BUSY, because that helps me feel important?

Whatever our excuse for NOT delegating, it's damaging to you, your team & your company.

The sooner we are able to effectively delegate tasks, projects & assignments, the sooner you & your team achieve the next level of Success. Here are a few tips to help with Delegation:

Tip#1 - List Your Tasks - Write down a list of ALL the things you do, throughout the day. Be specific, and write them all down. Do this for a day or three, so you get really clear. Also, don't just remember the things you did, write them down, as you're doing them, throughout the day (this actually helps with your general time management as well). Once you have the full list, move to the next tip..

Tip#2 - Prioritise - Review your list of tasks, and decide 'where do I add most value to the organisation'? If you are doing a task that doesn't directly add value, or is of small value, it's a perfect choice for delegation. Those time consuming tasks that are better handled by a more junior member are perfect for delegation.

Tip#3 - Stretch Your Team - a perfect way to develop your team, deepen loyalty and empower others is by delegating a task that is slightly challenging to the employee. Slightly 'above their station'. As you delegate a task or project that is slightly beyond their skill level, it shows that you trust your team, that you believe in them, and that their growth is important to you. That's an awesome recipe for Success!!

Tip#4 - Don't Dump - Delegation is ins't about dumping the things you don't want to do onto your team, it's about enabling your team to learn, grow & feel good about contributing to the success of the company. And be sure to spend some time training & coaching your subordinates through the task or project you've delegated. Check back with them regularly to ensure their success.

Tip#5 - Use Coaching as a Vehicle - The skills used in Coaching are a perfect way for you to successfully delegate. Particularly as you STRETCH your team, you want to be able to empower them, through Coaching, to reach their next level of skill & ability. As you gently guide them, allowing them to find their own solutions, you will create massive results and momentum. As your Coaching improves, delegation becomes easier, and you become a more effective Leader.

About the author

Luke Salway

International Facilitator & Master Coach

Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full potential, to achieve Success & Happiness.

Having studied and taught various forms of Personal Development for over 20 years, in Australia, USA & throughout Asia, and having Asia as his base for living & working the last 15 years, Luke has the necessary experience and tools to help companies working in Asia reach new levels of success.

A career in Manufacturing for 10 years enables Luke to develop keen problem solving skills and processes for improving efficiencies at many levels. He followed this with hotel management for a further 10 years, giving Luke an intense personal interest in the art of communication, maximizing individuals potentials, and bringing teams together to form effective Leadership competencies. As a General Manager of a 5 star boutique resort, Luke’s inter-personal skills, communication mastery, and proven Leadership, give a solid foundation to help individuals and companies overcome challenges, and support them in achieving their goals.

Luke’s passion is helping companies achieve Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development & Sales Skills. A warm personality, deep understanding of human nature and the technical resources of NLP, Luke is the perfect choice for supporting your teams growth and development.

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