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6 Tips on How to Lead Millennial's

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

“It’s better to go Slow in the Right Direction than go Fast in the Wrong Direction” – Simon Sinek Many Leaders around my age, 40-something, often complain about leading their younger teams. Gen-Y, Gen-Z, Millennials, however we call them, it’s certainly a different ‘game’ than it was...even as recent as 10 years ago. With unemployment across Asia at record lows, it appears that some employees jump from one job to another, in order to increase their salaries, boost their ‘significance’ and increase their desire to feel ‘needed’. But what if that’s not true. What if that’s just a way for today’s Leaders to shift the blame to external factors. What if we could lead the young people of today towards improved engagement, loyalty & achievement? Here are a few tips, that can help us to become the Leaders of Tomorrow… Tip#1 – Develop Relationships with your Teams

Who are these young people in your organization? Do you know them? Do you know what’s important to them? Recognition & opportunity for advancement come in ahead of salary, in terms of importance & longevity for most employees. Invest some time in getting to know your teams, and not only will you create a sense of trust and loyalty, you’re allowing them the space to open up, to share & to innovate. Tip#2 – Ban Mobile Phones during Meetings

It’s difficult to build relationships, and be fully aware of what’s happening in the organization, when people’s heads are ‘buried’ in their cell phones. Not only is it disrespectful to others, you (or your colleagues) are likely to miss important information. Information which could be critical for the growth & efficiency of the company. One strategy I’ve seen…as people enter the room of the meeting, they place their phone’s in a basket (on silent). Test it for a week, and check the results. Tip#3 – Empathy & Flexibility

Is it easier to change the mindset of 50% of your workforce, or, develop the mental flexibility & the strategies to be able to influence them? If you’re the leader, and half of your workforce is made of Millennials, it is YOU that needs to develop the flexibility in communication & influence. Also, work on practicing your empathy for this generation. It’s easy to ‘point the finger’, so instead, work on trying to empathize with the world in which they’ve grown up. Tip#4 – Simon Sinek

This guy is a genius. Please find the inspiration for this post at his YouTube video here: Tip#5 – Leadership Essentials

An intense 1 day program, suited for your Millennial task force. They will learn how to build relationships, prevent & resolve conflict, take responsibility, develop confidence and communicate more clearly. Contact us to discover more. Tip#6 – Empowered Leadership Certification

This advanced 3 day program is suitable for your leaders who are trying (unsuccessfully) to lead the young generations. In this Certification program, leaders learn how to develop empathy, EQ, Conflict prevention & resolution, language patterns for influence, Goal setting, motivational skills, and much more.

Luke Salway

International Facilitator & Master Coach

Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full potential, to achieve Success & Happiness.

Having studied and taught various forms of Personal Development for over 20 years, in Australia, USA & throughout Asia, and having Asia as his base for living & working the last 15 years, Luke has the necessary experience and tools to help companies working in Asia reach new levels of success.

A career in Manufacturing for 10 years enables Luke to develop keen problem solving skills and processes for improving efficiencies at many levels. He followed this with hotel management for a further 10 years, giving Luke an intense personal interest in the art of communication, maximizing individuals potentials, and bringing teams together to form effective Leadership competencies. As a General Manager of a 5 star boutique resort, Luke’s inter-personal skills, communication mastery, and proven Leadership, give a solid foundation to help individuals and companies overcome challenges, and support them in achieving their goals.

Luke’s passion is helping companies achieve Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development & Sales Skills. A warm personality, deep understanding of human nature and the technical resources of NLP, Luke is the perfect choice for supporting your teams growth and development.

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