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How does planning and managing helps you closer to your goals?

Half a year has passed, are you or is your organization closer to achieving the goals you set at the start of the year? Or did you even set your goals and took action plans towards it?

We just finished a live mentorship call with our business coach, Kane Minkus from US last night. In this call, he shared with us that human beings has evolved to being multi-dimensional. Starting a business has always been an exciting journey for me and the challenges we have faced have pushed us to be more creative, multi-dimensional and to do our best to refine everything to get more clients. This includes the refinements we made through the system, process, service, even our website, Social Media presence and how we improved our sales skills and choose the networking events that we attend. All this to improve our client base, partner experts as well as the solutions and services to ensure that we are providing value to both clients and partners as well as to our investors.

I remembered when I started to plan on embarking a journey to entrepreneurship. It was a horror of having a miscarriage then, and hearing my only daughter that I do not have time for her anymore. And so I started to ask myself the following questions: What do I love to do? What are the skills and expertise do I have that will give value to others? What can I do to be able to earn for my family that allows me to still have enough quality time or flexibility? So, with that I started to plan Customized Training Solutions (CTS) almost 2 years ago. Looking back, we were happy to know what we have done and continuously striving to improve and refine our services.

We manage this with the help of comments and suggestions from clients, partners, community, and business coach whom we constantly get in touch with in person, through calls or email. In fact, since we started, we were able to make several changes on the website for easier use of clients, we have also increased our partners from about 40+ to now more than 110+ experts to help us match to the right clients accordingly based on their objectives, needs and industry. We were able to serve companies in industries like Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Technology from countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Our plan is to be able to serve and help more companies in the world from different industries through providing learning and development solutions by matching the right trainer, agenda and tools/technology based on clients' objective.

We know that we are here to 'play to win' and we strive to increase our bar all the time by improving how we can help our clients. What makes us different is not only our personalised service and within 24 hours response to both clients and partners but also we have several experts that helps us match the requirements of clients better by customising the programs accordingly. We feel that it is more effective to find out more what the clients' need rather than offering just a specific program. However, this year, we planned for Public Programs that would help accounts that do not have enough number to arrange for customised training and to give in to the request of some clients to be able to attend our training for them to experience both our service and understand how much value does our expert partners can bring to their organization.

Being busy and effective are two different things and we all need to remind ourselves to be effective all the time to be more productive. Planning and managing actions and expectation will always be a key for us to achieve our goals. Having a mission in life, knowing how to prioritise and taking real actions to get the job done are some ways to be effective. Here's more comparative analysis for you to refer to There are also times when we get so stressed in managing our emails, here are some things you can do to regain control over stress on handling your inbox This period is also the best time when companies are looking into their plans to reinforce what they need and continue to manage and execute what has been planned towards their goals. It is also a good time for them to make any revisions, additions or even look further into the following year's action plans. We have shared in our earlier blog the importance of Negotiation Skills to ensure success of business through building better and long term relationships, lowering cost, winning customers loyalty and creating new businesses and opportunities, you can learn more by visiting!commercial-negotiations-skills/c3m3e. In business, risk management allows the organization to optimise all available resources by implementing proven tools to plan for both threats and opportunities. We will be sharing more on our upcoming blog on Managing Risks, in the meantime you can learn more on how you will benefit on our upcoming program at!risk-management/f30pt.

We would also like to take this opportunity to greet our friends and clients celebrating Eid-Al-Fitr, Eid Mubarak! Wishing you, your family and your team more blessings, good health, peace and happiness on this holy month! This is a season where Muslims express their gratitude to Allah. Whatever, you believe in, being grateful will lead to success and although it may not be appropriate, I am happy to share that I just recently find out that I am pregnant. After 1 daughter and 3 consecutive miscarriages, I understand the risk I have to take and restrictions of not being able to visit clients personally in the next few months, but still thankful for this wonderful blessing.

We appreciate your support and we look forward to be able to have a mutually beneficial working relationship with you. For more tips on how to achieve goals, here's an article from Jim Rohn at To find out more on our services and to register to our public programs, visit us at

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