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Women Empowerment

"All of them, the three lovely ladies were all wonderful and inspiring, and the entire webinar was educating and far from boring"

"More appreciation to all women esp on our current health crisis"

Three Ways to Build Resilience to a Successful Operational Restart Feedback

The reality that transformation is upon us and we have to embrace it.; Brilliant and the timing was perfect.

Three Ways to Resilience_4.png
Presentation Skills
PS_3 (3).png

"Aside from the topic presentation, Mr. Malig, the resource speaker, was really interactive with the audience. Also, considering that the duration of the webinar was supposedly only 1 hour, he even offered to extend his presentation and services to the audience."

"The speaker is a subject matter expert."


"FEELINGS (The music intervention); Thank you so much sir Stu! Now I am more equipped in writting the scripts for our company."

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Lean Six Sigma during the Pandemic

"Basics of Lean Six Sigma was discussed and was easily understood."

"Everything; Kudos on this undertaking"

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