Women Empowerment

"3 speakers so can get diverse views & info"

"The way the presentors discussed their presenrations which really motivates us to listen. This is very enriching topic. Thank u so much."

Three Ways to Build Resilience to a Successful Operational Restart Feedback

The reality that transformation is upon us and we have to embrace it.; Brilliant and the timing was perfect.

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Presentation Skills
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"Aside from the topic presentation, Mr. Malig, the resource speaker, was really interactive with the audience. Also, considering that the duration of the webinar was supposedly only 1 hour, he even offered to extend his presentation and services to the audience."

"The speaker is a subject matter expert."


"FEELINGS (The music intervention); Thank you so much sir Stu! Now I am more equipped in writting the scripts for our company."

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Lean Six Sigma during the Pandemic

"(1) The different types of belt levels and its responsibilities. (2) Y or X questions.; The speaker is friendly."

"the interaction of the participants with the speaker and the enw learnings in using LSS in SME"