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Data Analytics

"It was informative and I got to learn and discover a lot of things in excel"

"The trainer was willing to repeat the steps"

Data Analytics Preview.png
Building Personal Resilience

"It was timely and insightful. The session started with the basics (how are we feeling, the glass), progressed with more details and steps (circle, steps to be resilient on various aspects), finished on how being a resilient can be a habit - favorable and meaningful."

"The immediate application to real life situation is what I like most in this session. the speaker is also engaging."

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Moving Minds
MM 1 (2).png

"I like that it is interactive."

"The short activity in the breakout rooms"

EI in Communications

"Videos were good, slides had lot of good learning"

"Trainer tries to cover as much content as possible. Learn a lot from this session"

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Email Writing
Ew 5.png

"The session was informative"

"The speaker is not boring. She points out clearly all about the topic"

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