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Lean Canvas Workshop with DJ Duarte

"No bounderies for ideas and interactive connections

"New insights on Improving and proactive coaching.

Think Like a Boss: Leveraging Big-Picture Thinking in Sales with Myron Sta Ana

" The best about the course is the 5 Why's Analysis

"Learned Business Acumen, Process Improvement and Handling Customers."

High Impact Presentation Skills with Eckhon Malig


"This session helped me build confidence

- AyalaLand International Sales

Performance Leadership Workshop by Jojo Apolo

"I like best the power anchors, meta programs and mindset." 

- Arup Leader


High Impact Presentation Skills with Paolo Encina

HIgh Impact Presentation_Paolo.jpg

"Aside from the learnings, trainer knows very well how to handle the group" 

- AyalaLand International Sales

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