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Dynamic Risk Analyzer


Dynamic Risk Analyzer (DRA) is a groundbreaking enterprise process risk management software, designed for plant personnel to assess the risk level of their plant's operation on-demand or periodically (daily, weekly, monthly). It is based on patented methodologies that make use of all the processs (online sensor) measurements and alarm data. The data is received automatically (via OPC or similar system) and process rapidly to extract crucial risk information that serves as leading indicators of potential performance issues, such as shutdowns, accidents, incidents, and operational problems. 




  • Improves safety, reliability and operability with a predictive, reduced risk profile

  • Improves PSM execution through risk analysis using 'big data'

  • Provides valuable information for fact-based decision making in planning shutdowns and JIT maintenance

  • Helps to monitor effectiveness of risk reduction measures

  • Comparing risk status of different areas in a plan


Contact us to schedule a conference call to find out more details on how can you benefit.

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