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Consulting Services


As CTS strives to serve you better, we do our best to extend more services not limited to training to be able to identify challenges and reach your goals.  Through Consulting Services, Conferences, Software and other services that you may require, we can help you understand how to achieve sustainable competency management. We work closely with clients to embed our training, tools, services and expertise, and provide on-going support to help build the capabilities needed to revolutionize how decisions are made.

Safety Systems
  • Expert assessment of your total operation

  • New perspectives to allow you to shift your view of your situation

  • Analysis of your data to provide new context for your solutions

  • Strategic and operational safety improvements

  • Petrophysics consulting with specialization on formation evaluation, core analysis and reservoir modeling.

  • Provide properties for reservoir characterization

  • Operational aspects of logging and log interpretation

Cost Engineering
  • Cost estimating: Estimating capital investment costs (CAPEX) and Operating Cost (OPEX) for all kind of projects, from high level screening estimates to detailed control estimates. We also validate and review project estimates.

  • Project controls: Monitoring and reporting expenditures and performance against progress of the project. Managing project budget and planning in a pro-active way in order to deliver the project in time and within budget.

Human Resources
  •  Remove major obstacles in the organization so it can function        efficiently.

  • Assist management with the development of new innovative solutions to organizational problems.

  • Develop, within the client organization capacity for ongoing self renewal.

  • These inludes but not limited to business reengineering business process, succession planning, HR functional audit, organizational structure design.


Note: For other Consulting requirements on Geosciences, Project Management, Food & Beverage and other aspects of your business, please contact us.

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