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Excel Solutions for Accountants Series 

Practical Toolbox Approach

These series of books with chosen topics that are of direct interest and relevance to accountants. The books are a general series aimed at accountants who know that Excel can be made to do a lot more than it does but they just doesn’t know what that might be.

These will give you straightforward examples based on real world but non complex data so that you come to learn the techniques and functions rather than worrying about the complexity of the data and the solution.

Book One: Excel Tables, Depreciation, Ratio Analysis 1, Graphs 1, Pivot Tables 1

Book Two: Compound Interest and Discounting: the time value of money, Data Validation and Form Controls, Ratio Analysis 2, Graphs 2, Pivot Tables 2

Book Three: Dashboarding, Pivot Tables 3, Forecasting, Budgeting, Aggregate, OFFSET and SOLVER

Book Four: Graphs 4, Compound Interest 2, Data and Time Functions, Forecasting 2, Functions, New Functions, Pivot Tables 4 Power Query and Power Pivot, Statistics: explanatory models

An easy-to-follow guide on how to improve productivity using Excel Solutions, Techniques, Functions and Templates may be bundled with live workshops.

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