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Have you wasted time, contracts, customers and money due to complex writing?


Are you having a challenge of developing effective communication with both technical and non-technical teams?


Stressed with choice of words that does not support your message and distract your readers?


Whilst engineers and technicians undergo many years of training to become proficient in their field of expertise, this does not necessarily include the art of writing. Because writing takes place in the absence of the reader it may represent a boring, dull, difficult and unfamiliar chore for the technologist.


The result is that, too often, technical writing has a flat style making documents difficult and tedious to read. Complex writing results in a waste of time, lost contracts and alienated customers – in other words, a loss of money.


Business reports are your company’s main tool to enable and support critical decision-making. If you are proposing a course of action – either within your company or to a client – the report you write will be its best advocate.


It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately. This programme has been designed specifically for people who are required to write business reports. It concentrates exclusively on the skills you need to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective.

Technical Report Writing Skills

24-25 April 2019 | Singapore

26-27 June 2019 | Malaysia

23-24 September 2019 | Dubai

•    Analyse your audience and tailor the content to their specific needs

•    Gather data efficiently and select the relevant information for your readers

•    Use best practice in structuring your document

•    Choose words that support your message and don’t distract your reader

•    Edit your draft for maximum impact

•     Understand the principles of clear and concise writing

•    Develop effective communication with technical as well as non-technical staff at all levels – matching your content to your readers’ knowledge.

•    Transfer technical information into graphs, flowcharts and tables.


Mathy Randhawa

Distinguished Trainer


Mathy Randhawa has been inclined to Human Resources trainings with various established organizations in Malaysia and overseas.  She has vast experience in the training field and specializes in Soft skill-and HR related trainings. Currently, spoke on local radio station, Business FM on Key Traits To Break or Make A Leader. In addition, she writes articles on HR related matters.


Experienced HR Trainer with excellent presentation and training abilities and the understanding of how to identify corporate training needs. Excels at training program design and development of associated training materials. Has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development and ten years of experience working as a HR Trainer. Besides, holding an Honours Degree in Law, Mathy is also a certified Corporate Trainer by Deloitte United Kingdom and PSMB. She is a Law graduate from United Kingdom and has a certificate of Completion to the English Bar by Lincoln’s Inn (UK). She has vast experience in the training field and specializes in Soft skill-and HR related trainings for more than 18 years.


She is an expert in conducting extensive presentations in Employment Act 1955 congruent to Termination Process. She has also acted as a consultant for few organizations on setting up of the Domestic Enquiry Panels and advising on Employment Act 1955. Mathy has established herself as a consultant and a facilitator in modern Business Writing, Technical Writing and Communication Skills.


Mathy has conducted training interventions in various industries; oil & gas, banking sector, hotels, small scale industries, minor & major manufacturing industries, government units, public sectors, colleges & other educational institutions. She brings to table a proven expertise in identifying training needs, designing training content, developing assessment and executing them.


As a result oriented Corporate Consultant, Mathy focuses in helping people dramatically to increase their image impact, visual presence, improve their business and social skills, maximize their communication skills and improve their levels of performance.


Her experience in trainings allows her to infuse her natural enthusiasm and extensive practical experience with proven techniques to facilitate adult learning. She often focuses on the use of humour to facilitate change, which she believes lightens up the atmosphere and let people relax into learning. Her programs are noted for being, interactive, cerebral, energizing, and hands-on.  She  combines a practical facilitating style with a broad range of domain training experience, allied to her personal enthusiasm, to present dynamic and informative programs that participating audiences find easy to relate to.


Mathy’s diverse background is the foundation for her work and a key to Training and delivery skills success. Her understanding of multiple participants’ levels, industries and appreciation of different work cultures help her to guide aspiring young folks and organizations to achieve their goals.

What do they say about Mathy and her program?


"Knowledge learned directly applied during group projects. Awesome! Great Job :-)" - Nur Afifah, Fuel Logistic Engineer, Jimah O&M Sdn Bhd

"The course reveal to us how to do simple and comprehensive technical writing" - Sufi Asyiq, Electrical Maintenance Engineer, Edra Energy

"Interactive environment and practical examples provided by instructor"  - Syafiq, Turbine Maintenance Engineer, Edra Energy

"The course training is related to our job" - Muhammad, TMS Engineer, Edra Energy

"Course content is organized and easy to follow. Mathy is competent on the subject matter and communicates effectively. She gave constructive feedbacks to the participants and created good rapport with the class."

 - Oon Yee Ying, Assistant Manager - Group Finance, Edra Energy

"Comprehensive and detailed explanation when writing" - Shalany, Group HR, Edra Energy

"The trainer is knowledgeable, the lessons are practiced in class and there's even a real person whom we email to enforce the learning- Anwar, Group HR, Edra Energy

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