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Transformational Leadership through NLP

by Mr. Daniel Wong

5-7 October 2016 | Bangkok, Thailand



Many company leaders and managers are looking forward to inspire themselves and their workforce but without much success.  This powerful transformational and experiential workshop will ignite your passion for work & life; and inspire you as well as show you how to inspire your staff to outdo current performance levels and attain peak performance.


“It is estimated that we have 65,000 thoughts in a day and out of which 85% are negative in nature.” – Dr Deepak Chopra


In this workshop, the participants will uncover and eliminate their current negative mindset, behaviours, attitudes, values and fears that stop them from achieving and enjoying the best rewards organization like yours could offer them.  And it will  reinforce or remind your team about the importance of living their dreams, instead of “living in their dreams”, and results they want in their life.  To instill and install values, mindset, principles and perspective of top achievers versus mediocre achievers.


This workshop incorporates tools and ideas used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that makes a real difference by enhancing and developing your skills to transform the mindset and achieve significant results. By understanding how to use all your senses, using different styles and levels of language patterns and re-writing your thinking process you can achieve the things you want to at the workplace.



After the workshop, you will be : 

  • Clear of their life purpose

  • Able to align this life purpose with your personal and work goals

  • Displaying powerful, positive outlook for life and work

  • Passionate about success at work

  • Able to solve problems by thinking creatively

  • Higher staff morale, peak performance, productivity and profitability (3 Ps)




Day 1


Brief Introduction of NLP

  • Definition Of NLP

  • The Study Of Human Excellence

  • NLP Presuppositions,  Modalities & Sub-Modalities

  • NLP Thinking & Communication Model

  • The Ultimate Success Formula for Top Achievers 

The brain

  • How to use the left and right side of your brain to achieve its full potential

  • Change the way you think by re-wiring your brain, breaking habits and thinking more positively

  • Learn how the unconscious mind affects our thinking

  • Experience Perceived Reality vs Objective Reality

  • “The Map is not the Territory”


  • Mindset, values and habits of a super employees

  • Combining mindset, appearance and communication to win people

  • Understanding The Concept of top 5%

  • Why most people fail

  • What is stopping you

  • The Driving Force in you

  • The “ whatever it takes attitude”

  • Powerful Visualization Exercises for Leaders

  • Reprogramming the Mind for Success


Day 2


  • Identifying your purpose in life

  • Aligning this purpose in life to the organization and work activities

  • Associating Work activities as an integral part of life

  • Identify and getting rid of ‘personal brakes’ that you don’t even know

  • Swish Pattern to Rid Negative Habits & Install Resourceful States

  • Changing current powerless self image with powerful self image

  • Mind Programming and Anchoring Powerful Self-Image


  • The opportunities organisation can offer you - growth, promotion, benefits, rewards.

  • The rewards of success and punishment of failure.

  • Being a happy contributor and useful at work.

  • The successful organisational values - Humility, Fun, Caring, World Class Quality, Passion for Work and Life, Unshakeable Integrity.

  • Creating the Circle of Productive Excellence


Day 3


  • Learning the 7 success principles of great achievers.

  • The mindset of super employees.

  • Focus your mind and master your emotions to finish what you start.

  • INCREASE the burning desire for optimum work results.

  • The right learning attitude of achievers.

  • VAK Exercises to install powerful positive mindsets


  • Be a 100 % at all times-being present at what you do

  • Managing personal priorities at work and home

  • Daily self reflection and Success Record Keeping

  • How to motivate yourself to be at peak performance by Shifting Sub-Modalities

  • Maintaining a Balanced Life

  • Personal and work Goals in 2013

  • Anchoring for Peak Performance

  • Induction to instill Positive Personal Transformation



All senior managers, managers and executives in your company


Learning Methods Used

In this fun-filled highly experiential training, the training facilitator adopts a coaching and facilitative approach. It is very important to engage the participants in reviewing their own outcomes.


The fun-filled activities are designed to illustrate key issues that the participants are facing in achieving excellence and greater performance at work by using NLP tools to create illustrations, demonstrations and activities such as role plays, VAK & Mind exercises, mind games and group discussions.


New skills will be acquired via mind programming methods using practical NLP.


About the Trainer

Daniel, an International Master NLP Trainer, has more than 29 years experience in the corporate world, out of which 18 years has been spent on coaching and training: teaching Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Coaching & Negotiation skills - training Companies and individuals on Sales, Management & Leadership Skills, Course Consulting, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Sub-conscious learning skills. And in the process, continually coaching and motivating all his students, staffs and associates to learn, grow and expand their personal paradigms and horizons.


He also has extensive marketing and sales experience; from selling single course programs to education franchise businesses; as well as single pieces of equipment right-up to multi-million US dollar projects for more than 15 years. In his last major corporate appointment as General Manager of GEC (UK), Mahkota Technologies, where he was fully in-charge of both local and regional sales for his Division, he successfully managed over 15 different products and systems, with an annual turnover of RM60 million, for both the domestic and regional markets.


He is an engineer by profession and has completed his professional engineering degree, the Council of Engineering Institutions, UK., Part I & II within 2 years, one year short of the normal period of 3 years.  As such he was awarded: Excellent Performance Award in the Professional degree. Positions held in the various multi-national corporate companies include from a young installation/service engineer to department manager & general manager of a leading MNC. Currently, he is a Certified Professional Trainer with the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) and Cambridge ICT.  He is a Certified Master NLP Trainer of the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, USA and also a Certified Master Conversational Hypnotherapist of the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist, USA.


He specializes in coaching CEOs, senior managers and entrepreneurs in highly sought-after skills in areas of people management, creative and innovative skills in leading organizations. His passions are in the study and application of the latest psychologies, mental tools and techniques in reading and handling people; especially in areas of Effective Communication & Negotiation skills, Management & Leadership Skills and Sales, applying Neuro-linguistic Programming and Subconscious Learning to accelerate adult learning.


Daniel recognizes the great potential within each individual participant and he believes in making a difference in their learning through his personalised, demonstrative, practical and dynamic approach to make training an enjoyable and valuable experience.  His passion for training stems from his innate desire to empower all those individuals who are keen to seek knowledge, wisdom and self improvement; so that they can be the person they need to be to have what they want.


Investment Fee

SG$ 1,385.00 per person


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