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Coaching, Mentoring & Train the Trainer


The reality of today’s business environment requiring corporations to design and implement both internal coaching and mentoring programs for key high performers to further enhance performance levels and to ensure the long-term viability of the business.


While train the trainers will provide participants to gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new approaches for delivering powerful training.

Coaching & Mentoring Process


At the end of the workshop participants will have:


  •    Learned the difference between Coaching and mentoring.

  •    Understand the specific roles needing to be implemented by a coach or mentor.

  •    Be able to identify the skills and competencies required of an effective coach and mentor.

  •    Learned the major steps involved in implementing a successful individual coaching / mentoring     initiative.

  •    Understand the importance of asking probing questions of both the coachee and mentee.

  •    Developed specific communication skills involving building a solid trust relationship, giving feedback, and documenting coaching sessions.

  •  Learned the importance of agreeing to a contract with the person to be coached or mentored.

Train the Trainer


With the improvement in learning environment and increasing complexity in learning, trainers must now advocate learner centric teaching for learning to take place. Lecturing mode remains as the most efficient way to communicate knowledge to a large class but may not be the more effective. As such, trainers must be able to deploy a myriad of tools to enhance learning experience of the learners and ensure learning take place at work or in school.


This 3 days workshop will equip the trainers to be with the skills set and knowledge to facilitate learning in an engaging and effective way.

Establishing A Corporate University or Training Academy


A corporate university is an educational function that is a strategic element and process designed to assist an organization in achieving its mission by conducting activities that enhances individual and organizational learning, competencies  and knowledge.




  • Make the corporation  self sufficient in identifying and developing its management talent for the future

  • Close working relationships with well-known local and international universities so as to offer both undergraduate, graduate degree programs and certificates in management

  • Establish the corporation as a “leader” for management education

  • Increase levels of employee motivation for those identified as “Successors” and  “High Potentials” interested in self-development

  • Ensure that the corporation has access to the state-of-the-art management theory and best practice

  • Bring the “International Management Experts” to the corporation so as to localize the learning to the culture and way of doing business

  • Reduce overall expenses for corporate management development longer-term by making management development programs available to other  companies and executives




For more details of above programs or other coaching, mentoring and train the trainer programs you would like to request, please feel free to contact us or email at

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