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Govern Your Out-Of-Control Stress Response in 6 Weeks
For Business Leaders and Professionals
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Stress Response Regulation Process 

"Eliminate Chronic Stress And Discover How To Skyrocket Your Productivity And Performance"

Starting 03 November 2021 for 6 Weeks
Available In-house!

First 5 People  Get Free  1:1 Private Session with Faye If Paid In Full!

Business Woman Vision

Team Leaders & Managers

This workshop will benefit leaders who  are having trouble with their focus and concentration so that they can improve productivity and performance.

Includes: Department Heads, Department Managers and Team Leaders

Senior Businessman

Business Owners & C-Levels

This course will be valuable to business leaders who wants to know how to think clearly and make best decisions impacting ​quality of life and work performance.

Includes: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Business Owners, Directors, Division Heads and Senior Managers

Shaking Hands

Office workers and Professionals

This will benefit professionals who are busy, overwhelmed, stressed, tired, burnt out or at risk of burning out and would like to improve sense of connection, meaning and purpose. ​Uncover you blind spots and recognize your limiting beliefs through the proven tools and techniques

This Program is Perfect For...


There seem to be as many stress solutions on the market as there are stressed out people on the planet. Isn’t it counter-intuitive that there are countless stress solutions to choose from and yet many of us remain chronically stressed?


Something’s not working with the current model of dealing with stress.


If the stress management and stress reduction techniques that we are all bombarded with and so familiar with actually worked, we wouldn’t be facing the epidemic of chronic stress that we’re facing right now.


You may have tried many of the tricks and techniques that we hear about, such as yoga and qi qong, diaphragmatic breathing, walks in nature, stress balls, meditation apps, essential oils or nutritional supplements. You may have noticed some temporary improvement or benefit with the techniques, but the changes are superficial and not long-lasting. You’re still prone to stress and overwhelm a lot of the time, and it gets in the way of your health, career and relationships.


Which then begs the question - If you’re doing “all the right things,” why are you still feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed a lot of the time?


The reason has to do with an overactive + unregulated stress response.


An overactive and unregulated stress response wreaks havoc on your body, your mind and your life. Sleep becomes problematic, concentration suffers and so does your mood. Digestion, immunity, pain management and reproductive cycles all take a hit. It’s hard to focus, hard to think clearly and to get things done. And it’s practically impossible to feel calm, happy, confident and motivated when the inbuilt stress response is overactive and unregulated.


The key to feeling and living the way you want to live and feel lies in governing your out-of-control stress response.


This Live Interactive course will show you EXACTLY how to do that - in 6 short weeks!


You will discover what specifically is keeping your stress response in a chronically overactive state.

And I promise you it has nothing to do with your job, your to-do list or everything else you have going on (or might have been telling yourself)!


Your persistent feelings of stress and overwhelm are not the issue – they’re symptoms of the cause.

This revolutionary course will open your eyes to the exact subconscious triggers that are keeping you stressed and tired much of the time - even if it seems like you’ve done it all and tried it all.


The Stress Response Regulation Protocol has helped hundreds of busy professionals just like yourself to completely rescript their relationship with stress so that they can be, feel, do or have more of what they want in all areas of life – health, career and relationships.


It can do the same for you. Leave behind all those failed attempts to deal with stress and join the movement to eliminate stress, not just manage it!

Female doctor in color

Empowers you with the mindset science that allows you to eliminate chronic stress

Business Brainstorming

Informative, eye-opening and very experiential

Woman at Work

 You’ll walk away with ground-breaking knowledge and tools which you can apply in your life straight away

Why Attend This SRRP Program?


​Faye Lawand is an Internal Conflict Resolution Expert, Stress Elimination Specialist, Relaxation Coach, International Speaker, World-Class Trainer and Global Citizen.


Faye is on a single-minded mission to free burnt-out professionals of the needless limitations of chronic stress conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and insomnia so that they can reclaim a magical and extraordinary quality of life.

Her life’s work has been dedicated to developing human potential and facilitating growth. Before starting her own business, Faye worked for 20 years as an international educator and a champion of learning in primary, secondary and tertiary education.


During her successful career in education, Faye experienced multiple burnouts, failing physical and mental health and years of chronic fatigue that seemingly had no viable solution. She set out on an immersive enquiry into models of health, healing and happiness in an attempt to uncover a solution that was safe, natural, easy and effective. She dedicated 15 years, over 200K in trainings and certifications plus thousands of hours researching models of holistic health, wellness and wellbeing. After successfully resolving the internal conflicts that were creating the ongoing fatigue, Faye coded everything that worked on her healing journey into a unique and highly effective proprietary system - one that results in a solution for tiredness.

The Tiredness Solution is now used by thousands of burnt-out (and nearly burnt-out) professionals who have tried it all, are doing all the right things and still feeling tired a lot of the time. Faye has been invited to share her proprietary system at universities, work places, wellness centers, schools, yoga studios and NGOs in several countries around the world – Bolivia, the Dutch Caribbean, Singapore, Egypt, Lebanon and New Zealand.

Faye was born in the Middle East and has lived and worked in 13 countries and she speaks 4 languages. She made New Zealand home when she married her Kiwi love.

– Ben Rutherford, Interior Design Specialist
-Vancouver, Canada

“I signed up for the 6-week Stress Elimination Protocol after going through a necessary stress leave from my "very corporate" job. After this leave, I realized that I needed to (consistently) make my mental health a top priority. The 6-week course helped me find the tools required to do that, and to alleviate my feelings of stress and anxiety by getting to the root causes of my stress and anxiety. This has been  transformative and empowering and applicable to so many aspects of my life. Highly recommended!” 

– Ellen Place, Team Leader + Marketing Strategist
– Tauranga, NZ

“Working with Faye has exceeded my expectations and has been truly transformational. I expected to learn some new techniques to manage my stress filled life. What I came away with was a genuine understanding of the internal conflicts constantly going on inside me, that were the real reason for why I felt the way I did. I loved being part of the weekly online group sessions as we related to and empathised with each other’s experiences.  Faye taught us to pay more attention to our emotional feelings and once I began to put this into practice I was able to change my response for a much better outcome.  If you genuinely want to live a less stressful life, I highly recommend this course to you.”

– Jessica Urbaniski, Account Executive – Denver, Colorado

“Faye's process has been a transformative experience for me. The course helped me to understand the relationship to my thoughts and the physiological responses that result from those thoughts. She coached me to develop the tools and skills to uncover the blind spots and recognize the limiting beliefs I have been holding onto. Anyone who feels like they've been trying to find a way to stop the hamster wheel and to embrace a more peaceful, joyful life would benefit from Faye's program. She uses science to help us understand how our minds and bodies process stress, ways we can benefit from it, and also ways to harness it. It's truly been a worthwhile use of my time and focus.”

– Mark L., Senior Flight Attendant – Vancouver, Canada

“Faye’s course gave me a straightforward system to transform stress and break away from so many limiting beliefs. The benefits become evident from the very first lesson just through simple awareness, and by the end of the course you’re left wondering how different life could have been had we learned these things in school. This is really life-changing. I now have the confidence not to avoid stressful situations, and I feel like I’m living a much fuller life. “

– Katrina Thompson, Virtual Marketing Assistant

“Recent events in my personal life had me finally reach the point a couple of years ago where I knew I needed to commit to healing myself. Since then, I have read many books and watched a lot of YouTube videos about stress, trauma and healing. I'd gotten into yoga, meditation, journalling and gratitude practice but I still felt weighed down and overly affected by stress. I thought I understood exactly what I needed to do but it just wasn't working for me. Faye’s Stress Elimination Protocol was life-changing for me. It really helped me understand the mind- body connection in a way that I didn't get from the books. It's a wonderful, authentically presented and deceptively powerful journey. Faye not only delivers the content beautifully but she listens and relates. If you are committed to transforming your relationship with yourself and stress, then I 100% recommend that you invest in yourself and do this work with Faye.” 


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First 5 People  Get Free  1:1 Private Session with Faye If Paid In Full!
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