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Soft Skills Solutions


These are dedicated to provide soft skills and personality development programs for professionals, across domains and industries. Our motive is to provide training programs on every aspect of non-technical areas, enabling the individuals to reach their peak potential.

Competitors' Analysis


To empower participants with ways and techniques, which will enable them grasp a complete and overall understanding of the importance & nature of their competition. Such vital understanding will make possible for them to take prompt and precise decisions in order to compete and prosper in their respective market(s). 

Return Of Investment (ROI)


Organisations thrive through projects and programmes that improve business results. Yet few reliable methods exist to calculate benefits - monetary or otherwise - of initiatives such as re-organisations, staff learning and development, service improvements, marketing campaigns, sales training, computer system upgrades etc. 


The Phillips ROI Methodology™ is a proven process to measure business impact, Return On Investment (ROI) and intangibles of any project or programme you run. 

Strategic HR Audit 


The human resources audit process can be an incredible asset when performed correctly. The greatest challenges in developing a successful audit strategy are taking into account the various stakeholders, the laws and compliance needs for different jurisdictions, identifying the right audience for effecting change, and knowing what data makes for the most compelling change agents. Today’s audit engages more than just the HR department, and the opportunities to improve the company extend well beyond the surface money it takes to complete HR processes. Driving value starts in the human resources department.


The HR audit is a comprehensive diagnostic tool used to objectively examine the company’s HR organization structure, objectives and plans, methods of control, and operational procedures and business processes, as well as its use of fi nancial, human and physical resources. Simply, it is a tool for supporting the entire organization and the environment in which it operates.



Note: For more details of above programs or other HR and Soft Skills  training you would like to request, please feel free to contact us or email at

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