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Stressed on how you can get the buy-in of Stakeholders?


Don't know how to communicate ultimate business impact and ROI your project can contribute?


Wasted so many effort and time due to ineffective methodologies?

ROI - The Value of Project Outcomes

13 May 2019 | Manila, Philippines

As an experienced Project or Programme manager you are used to working with senior management, board members and corporate leaders to produce successful outcomes and deliverables. But apart from managing costs and schedules, how can you find and communicate the ultimate business impact and Return On Investment (ROI) that your projects will contribute?

The Phillips ROI Methodology®, the key tool of global organisation the ROI Institute, is specifically designed to make this possible.


Using this methodology, you will be able to convey to senior stakeholders and clients, board members, C-level executives and key decision makers the true value of the projects, programmes and initiatives you run. This course is for you if you are ready to:

  • Gain the 360 of your projects through clear understanding of the ROI of business outcomes;

  • Communicate effectively with top management in the language of business impact and dollars;

  • Transform your relationship with board members, C-level executives and clients through expressing your projects and programmes from a business perspective, and

  • Reinforce the confidence of your clients by having the numbers backed up by the facts.


Why Attend this Course?

The Value of Project Outcomes is a fast-paced, one-day course run by the Official Asia-Pacific Partner to the ROI Institute, the Business Evaluation Centre. This course will show you how experts derive the business impact of corporate initiatives and Return On Investment (ROI) using the Phillips ROI Methodology®, and how you and your team can too. We focus on simple, easy to understand methods, so you don't need a financial background to accurately and logically calculate the ROI of your activities and report your results credibly, and the course is exercise-driven so you can experience the skills you’ll need to use the methodology effectively.

By the end of this introductory course, you will be able to:-

  • Understand the fundamentals of the Phillips ROI Methodology®

  • Appreciate the importance of ROI and be able to explain it to other senior management and executives;

  • See how an effective ROI Impact Study is conducted, and how to initiate and support one;

  • View your projects, programmes and initiatives from an ROI perspective, and

  • Make the case for measuring ROI in non-capitalised investments.


The The Value of Project Outcomes course is also the first required step for those who may wish to obtain the sought-after CRP (Certified ROI Professional) credential which is currently held by just over 5,000 people, yet is a vital skill appreciated by organisations world-wide.

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