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Frustrated with your sales results?

Tired of rejections and getting NO's from potential clients?

Unhappy with your team's performance and that you are not at all in control?

If your answers are YES to most if not all these questions, this program is for you!

Leapfrog Your Business and Yourself

07-09 March 2019 | Manila, Philippines

07-09 June 2019 | Manila, Philippines

01-03 November 2019 | Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Be in peak state & overcome lazy days in 5 seconds

  • Connect on the first meeting in 3 minutes

  • Maintain the connection by speaking in his language

  • Learn precision questioning & customer buying strategies

  • Embed an Action Command that avoids resistance

  • Get a decision with an invisible handshake

  • Be continuously motivated. Remove limiting beliefs.

Jojo photo 1.png

This training module uses the “SERVICE” acronym to help create a mindset for breakthrough selling,operations and finance collaboration. Developed from extensive research zeroing in on the mindset of the top performing 25 of 1,700 salesmen from a 1 billion US dollar FMCG company and induced with the powerful concepts of NLP  and implemented successfully in a number of companies makes the program comprehensive, tried and tested with results and therefore effective.


Jojo Apolo is Asia’s Revenue Breakthrough Leaders. He is Authority on Subconscious Intelligence for Trust Based Selling for Entrepreneurs and Sales Teams, Author, Public Speaker and NLP Master Trainer.  


His passion is to help people and businesses get what they want by teaching enhance Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with neuroscience and cutting-edge disciplines in personnel mastery. He managed major FMCG companies in Indonesia and start-ups in the brink to become profitable. He developed the New Breakthrough Selling Advantage for Sales Professionals using NLP that has resulted in doubling a business from USD 500 million to USD 1 billion in 3 years. He established a 500,000 direct outlet coverage via 300 distribution networks with real-time sales & stock systems. He pioneered the use of IPAD’s for salesmen, use creative “Quantum Sales” games and established same-day delivery service guarantees for pharma products.  


He has given numerous seminars on sales, personal & spiritual development in Southeast Asia. He is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP from the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, USA and the American Union of NLP, USA, Certified NLP Practitioner Trainer of NLP Academy, UK under John Grinder co-creator of NLP. He spearheads the REFORM program for Drug Rehabilitation across the Philippines in cooperation with the Department of Health and numerous religious organizations. He is the author of the book “Be Free from Painful Memories and Traumas in 30 minutes, 7-Step New Breakthrough Selling Advantage, i-Thrive: 7 Keys to a Fruitful Life and co-author with Dr. Romy Paredes of Awaken the Doctor in You.

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What do they say about Jojo & his program?

"This gives you a toolbox. It's pretty effective and powerful." - Bo Sanchez, CEO of Shepherd's Voice Publication

"Many of the team members have learned to apply the same principles in their personal lives and have expressed improvements in their relationships. We are grateful to Jojo for providing our sales team additional tools to achieve success both in their professional and personal lives."  - Christina Tan, Owner & CEO, Suysing Commercial Corporation

"We just concluded 2-days workshop by Jojo Apolo regarding High Performance Leaders using NLP. I must say, this is probably one of the best workshop that I have ever attended. All the participants and management team are so happy to have attended. They are so excited to us the techniques..." - Vic Gregorio, President & CEO, Shakey's Pizza

After 4 years in PruLife, at most I could not only achieve Branch Achiever. But after NLP, I was able to achieve MDRT and Star Club. NLP also helped me communicate better with wife and I healed my own child's trauma in elevators"." -  Julian Siquenza, Assistant Unit Manager & Financial Adviser

"NLP gave me confidence to close Big Clients without Fear and so got the MDRT Award." - Ryan Angeles, Unit Manager & Financial Adviser

""After NLP, even if I am just starting in the industry, I have multiplied my income 3x, was chosen in the National Achievement Award out of 22,000 agents and a consistent Top Producer."- John Paul Wenceslao, Financial Adviser

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