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For Business Leaders, Managers & Team Leads
Discover The Best Problem-Solving Methodology
To Prioritize Strategies & Grow Revenue Even During Crisis


Reducing Cost & Increasing Profitability through Lean Six Sigma

(19-23 April & 6-10 Sept 2021)

Yellow Belt Six Sigma

(21-25 June 2021)


Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, SGT

Senior Businessman

Business Owners & C-Levels

This course will be valuable to business leaders who wants to know how to select and prioritize strategies and initiatives.

Includes: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Business Owners, Directors, Division Heads and Senior Managers

Business Woman Vision

Team Leaders & Managers

This workshop will benefit leaders who would like to know how to make a process that is more efficient and effective especially during the pandemic.

Includes: Department Heads, Department Managers and Team Leaders

This Training is Perfect For...


​During a pandemic, consumers, employees, and businesses tend to change behavior in order to survive. Consumers become price sensitive in selecting products and services. Employees fear the effect to their safety and economic standing. And businesses have to restrict all unnecessary spending in order to save cash. In other words, behavior drastically has to change because of the effects brought about by a pandemic like COVID 19.


In business, there are different perspectives on how they would bridge the pandemic times depending on how much cash reserves they have. For the cash abundant businesses, they continue to operate with the same number of employees but on a staggered schedule basis. And they pivot fast to other business models or products and services like essential products. While those that are not cash abundant, they resort to immediate mass headcount reduction and closing some business units in order to save the mother ship to keep afloat until the storm has passed. The problem sometimes is the haste of doing all these, is that, it may result in bad quality of product and services that has direct effect on customer satisfaction that may lead to loss sales. 


Lean Six Sigma is a management system and a problem-solving methodology that will equip leaders of businesses on how to make a process that is more efficient and effective especially during the pandemic.

Meeting Room Business

Equip business leaders on how to select and prioritize strategies and initiatives

Business Brainstorming

Learn how to organize and lead strategic initiatives to fruition – the Lean Six Sigma way

Market Analysis

Learn the Lean Six Sigma approach on project management (define-measure-analyse-improve-control) on key initiatives 

Why Attend This Program?

Edgar “Ed” Flores practices continuous improvement with solid background in production management, lean six sigma consulting and training, operational excellence and project management roles with top multinational companies on global and regional scope.

His key experiences include production workforce management of more than 500 people, continuous improvement deployment to more than 10 countries in Asia-Pacific, managed global continuous improvement teams composed of master black belt and black belts, conducted lean six sigma trainings (i.e. yellow, green, and black belt), led strategic black belt projects, and coached executives and project leads on operational excellence environment. He used to work with companies like Converse Manufacturing, Mitsumi, Essilor and Shell Business Operations to name a few.

His recent clients include Allergan, Continental Automotive Manufacturing, Nidec, Accenture and public training organized and sponsored by several companies and institutions.


Raj, Singapore

Well done for a precise and timely program"

Frontal Portrait

May, Philippines

Facilitator is great and explain things well.

Woman Smiling in Suit

Elisa, Philippines

"I like the interaction of the participants with the speaker and the new llearnings in using LSS in SME

  • Why are we organizing Experiential Leadership Training?
    We want to help more leaders to 1. Learn how to apply leadership skills in a safe space through gamification 2. Close gaps on top people-related threat to growth 3. Increase confidence in influencing team and making decisions
  • Why is it important for leaders to attend this Program?
    1. This sessions give leaders an opportunity to learn what skills are important as well as when and how to apply it. 2. If they wanted to have a holistic view of what it takes to be a leader in this ever-challenging times 3. Reflect on the important behaviours and influence your team to practice this at the workplace
  • Who should attend this Program?
    1. This is perfect for leaders & business owners who want to learn how to build trust and relationship with others. 2. Managers, supervisors and team leads who would like to learn how to encourage employee engagement and collaboration in a hybrid setting
  • What to Expect in this Program?
    Expect to communicate, collaborate and learn capabilities necessary in the new normal in a fun and yet effective way
  • What Makes this Sessions Different from others?
    We are using one of the best gamification platform that is engaging and yet meaningful as this is not the usual quizzes or games run by most. The debrief helps the learners to reflect and know how to make use of what is learned at work.
  • How to register?
    Just press the Register button and choose your preferred date. For more details or in-house sessions contact us at
  • Is there a certificate issued on this program?
    We can provide you with a certificate of participation after the session.


Reducing Cost & Increasing Profitability through Lean Six Sigma

(19-23 April & 6-10 Sept 2021)

Yellow Belt Six Sigma

(21-25 June 2021)


Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, SGT

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions:

  • Location is subject to change for face to face training

  • Minimum number of participants has to be reached prior to confirmation of event (10 pax minimum)

  • Please note that trainers and topics were confirmed at time of publishing, however, CTS may necessitate substitution, alterations or cancellations. CTS reserves the right to change or cancel any part of its published programmed due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Registrations should be made 4 weeks prior to training date for face to face and 1 week before training date for online

  • Full payment for the course should be made prior to training date unless you have pre-arranged terms with us.

  • Cancellation 3 weeks prior to event date or no shows are liable to pay the full course with no refund, however you may substitute delegates at any time with notice

  • Participants are required to attend at least 80% of the course program prior receipt of Certificate

  • Rates are exclusive of taxes unless otherwise indicated in the invoice

  • Receipt of this email to participate and/or register in any of the learning activities organized by CTS should not in any way be taken as a promise for employment or contract of employment of any kind.

  • Force Majeure: Should for any reason outside the control of CTS, the trainer changes his dates or event cancels due to the act of terrorism, extreme weather conditions, industrial action or epidemic, CTS shall reserve the rights to replace the trainer or reschedule the event but the client hereby indemnifies and holds CTS harmless from and against any and all costs, damages and expenses, which are incurred by the client.

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