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Leadership Training


With the challenges facing today’s business and industry, it is essential that an organization have strong and visionary leaders within their ranks. Effective leaders continually strive to develop skills they can apply on the job to further their leadership role in the workplace. Businesses benefit when they assist their leaders and developing leaders to gain the skills necessary to succeed.

Leading Team of Managers

A Deputy or Assistant Director must have the ability to pull his or her team of managers together into a highly effective team. Leading this team requires them to know how to properly align the team with the departmental strategy. Their job is to work with seemingly diverging views so that they understand and commit to the larger company goals. In doing so, they must constantly sell ideas to different managers in order for them to buy into the longer-term goals while keeping their eye on the day-to-day matters. In addition to that, sometimes he must also be able to get the other managers to buy into conflicting initiatives. 




  • Identify appropriate multi-functional leadership styles

  • Demonstrate the skill to pull managers together around common goal

  • Work with managers that can facilitate a climate of cooperation and collaboration

  • Improve talent in dealing with people

  • Build effective team of managers



The objective of this course is to focus on how to assess your Leadership and your behavioral style. From this you can plan your personal development and become a better leader. You will then cover how to assess the leadership and behavioral styles of others. By flexing your styles, and giving others what they need to relate to you and be led by you, you will become a more adaptable and successful leader. This course is aimed at all supervisors and managers who have to lead formally, and all individuals who have to lead informally, or influence with a matrix management structure.




  •  Assessment of your behavioral style, its strengths and weaknesses.

  • How to flex your style to turn weaknesses into strengths.

  • How to assess the behavioral style of others

  • Assessment of your leadership style.

  • Appraise your leadership strengths and weaknesses

  • Action planning to eliminate weaknesses

  • Evaluate the leadership needs of others and

  • Giving them the leadership they need



Influential Leadership


Gain powerful insights, clear leadership roadmap and effective problem solving tool.




  • Meet change and challenge with resilience and foresight

  • Balance priorities of different stakeholders-the organization, boss, team, customers and vendors

  • Develop, nurture and lead high performing teams

  • Take the predecessor’s legacy to greater heights

  • Galvanize older, more experienced team members

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