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   Knowledge Transformation

Boosting Business Productivity through Effective Knowledge Management Strategy

Face to Face Session
25 July 2024,
 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM  (GMT+8)
Makati Diamond Residences

Investment at SG$ 350/pax (usual SG$700)

with FREE 1-hour KM Clinic worth SG$ 500 on 23-24 July 2024 for the first 10 pax


Feeling frustrated due to loss of knowledge, reduced efficiency and inconsistency due to lack of KM?

At a Glance...


  • Misunderstood KM Fundamentals

  • Strategies fade and lack impact

  • How do we visualise KM impact for our leaders


  • The power of peer to peer learning

  • Enhancing organisational learning and development

  • KM Sustainability


KM Professionals

This course will be valuable to knowledge manager and professionals who would like to gain skills and best practices on KM.

Includes: Knowledge Management Specialists/Managers/Heads

This Training is Perfect For


HR Managers

This workshop will benefit HR leaders who wants to develop effective KM training and onboarding programs. Talent management to leverage on KM succession planning and knowledge retention.

Includes: HR Managers & Heads, Talent Managers and Heads


L&D Professionals

This training will be valuable to leaders who are faced with promoting cultutre of continuous learning within the organization.

Includes: Learning & Development Managers/Heads, Talent Development Managers/Heads and Training & Development Managers/Heada

Business Meeting; Finance Meeting; Quantitative Decision Making; Financial Modelling

 Knowledge Management Workshop

This workshop focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to enhance business productivity through effective knowledge management (KM).

Key session breakdown:

✅  Understanding KM Fundamentals: Participants gain insights into knowledge creation, capture, organization, and utilization, along with best practices for fostering a knowledge-sharing culture.


✅ Developing KM Strategies: Customized strategies are developed, covering tools for knowledge identification, capture, organization, and leveraging external knowledge sources.

✅ Implementing KM Strategies: Key considerations for successful implementation, overcoming barriers, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement are discussed.

✅  Measuring and Sustaining KM Success: Evaluation metrics, KPIs, and strategies for sustaining KM efforts are explored.

Rajesh 1.jpeg

Learn Directly From  Rajesh Dhillon...

Rajesh is a highly respected speaker in the field of knowledge management (KM), with a strong presence at prestigious events such as KM World 2021 and the US Midwest KM Symposium in 2023. He was awarded the Top 50 Global Tacit KM Practitioner in 2023. As a consultant to Acies Innovations, he brings extensive expertise and experience in helping organizations optimize the power of their knowledge assets. With deep understanding of KM strategy, he guides businesses in effectively managing their intellectual capital and leveraging it for competitive advantage. His dynamic speaking style and engaging presentations make a lasting impact on his audience, inspiring them to embrace innovative KM practices and drive organizational excellence.

Rajesh Singh Dhillon, is the co-founder and director at Acies Innovations, a Knowledge management consultancy that partners organizations in their journey to being future ready. He is also President of the Knowledge Management Society, Singapore and concurrently an Associate Faculty at the Nanyang Technological University teaching knowledge management strategy and information management at the Singapore University of Social Science. After retiring from the navy as a commanding officer, he has ventured into consultancy in the fields of strategy, and leadership focusing on the areas of leadership development, knowledge and performance management, organizational learning and staff development.

Follow his LinkedIn profile ( which showcases his accomplishments, thought leadership, and contributions to the KM community, making him a sought-after resource for businesses looking to harness the value of their knowledge for sustainable growth.

Life Coach

Knowledge Management Clinic



Unlock the potential of your organization’s knowledge management strategies with a free one-hour consultation . Hosted by Rajesh Dhillon, a seasoned KM expert, this clinic is an ideal opportunity for organizations to bring their teams and discuss specific challenges with a top-tier knowledge management professional.

Consultation Focus: Tailored discussions on enhancing your organization's KM strategies and action plans.

For Whom: Knowledge Management Specialists, Managers and Heads; Human Resources Professionals; and Learning and Development Managers/Heads who’s looking to improve or troubleshoot their KM approaches.

Why Attend?

Customized Solutions: Engage in a focused discussion on your organization's specific KM challenges.

Expert Guidance: Gain professional insights from Rajesh, leveraging his extensive global experience in KM strategy and implementation.

Preparation for Consultation:

Participants should prepare a clear presentation/discussion points of their KM issues, including current status, desired outcomes, and any roadblocks faced.


The session must be pre-arranged for an hour in a coffee shop setting for the enrolled participants and/or with your team.

Dates: 23-24 July 2024
Location: Makati City area 
Email for appointment once registration is confirmed at



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