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Intelligent Pigging & Routine Mechanical Cleaning of Offshore & Onshore Pipelines

16-18 July 2018 | Jakarta, Indonesia

• ENABLE interpretation and assessment of data generated out of Intelligent pigging runs

• EXPLAIN mandatory regulatory requirements for Intelligent and Routine pigging operations including Pre & Post pigging Operations.

• COMPREHEND the different Intelligent Pigging technologies to enable selection of most suitable  techniques for your specific application.

• EXPLAIN Pipelines Integrity Management codes requirements and how routine pigging can help maintaining the integrity of the pipeline across its design cycle and beyond.

• HIGHLIGHT how intelligent pigging data can be correlated with other operation, monitoring and inspection date to explain the pipeline behavior and failure code.

• RECOGNIZE the different types of mechanical cleaning pigs and how the pig design can influence its effectiveness and ensure smooth operation.

• CLARIFIES organizational interfaces and roles and responsibilities of the relevant technical personnel engaged in the pigging operations including contracts development and execution.

• EXPLAIN different standards and formulas related to assessment of pipe defects including Fitness for Service.

• PROVIDES insight into different repair option to defected lines and explain requirements to EPRS protocols.

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