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Importing Quality Mindset

by Ms. Helene Lauras

7-8 April 2016 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Long lasting. Dependable. Reliable. Trusty. Durable.

These are just a few words that shout quality. If there is one area that every company strives to continually improve upon, it is quality. Meetings are held on how to increase quality. Entire departments are committed to the assurance of quality. There are checks in place, customer feedback and numerous other steps to ensure the product or service that is promised is the one that is delivered, each and every time.


This seminar will take you on a journey through the French, Italian or Japanese Culture and the special bond that connects those countries with the the concept of know-how (savoir-faire) and quality, in particular in the hospitality and fashion industry.


Targeted Audience

This seminar is opened to all professionals and leaders of any businesses where Service Excellence is a key differentiating factor, such as retail, education, healthcare, banking and hospitality. Students who are getting ready to enter the Hospitality industry should also be interested by this case study that covers an important part of what they will need to understand in their career.



When service providers are passionate and feel a sense of pride in and about their work, they are likelier to provide great service. The French case study can assist Companies, either private or public in their pragmatic quest for Service excellence.


By studying a culture that much like Japan has developed a strong sense of appreciation for artisanal products, one can easily see how such love and respect for vocations of any kind has led such countries to top the world list on product quality, service Excellency and sense of Hospitality.


Course Content


  • Introduction to a different world

  • A bit of History

  • Different background different outcomes

  • Quality mind-set

  • European VS Asian Culture

  • What is quality?

  • Craftsmanship from head to toe

  • The concept of know-how

  • French and Italian Savoir-faire

  • Service quality in the luxury industry

  • Who makes up the Quality Department?

  • How to involve you team

  • How to recognize your team?

  • How to follow through?

  • The fashion world example

  • The hotels world example

  • Importing the mind-set in your team

  • Keeping it up

  • A question of choice and priorities

  • The results

  • Long terms VS short terms

  • So what will quality be for you?


About the Trainer

Originally from Bordeaux in France, Hélène has spent the past 12 years working for such prestigious Hotels as The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Park Hyatt in Paris, Sofitel in Thailand and the Philippines, Pan Pacific in Bangkok, Swissôtel the Stamford in Singapore and many more.


As a Director of Food and Beverage, she has conceptualized and opened a dozen of highly successful restaurants, bars and night clubs, 5 of them with internationally renowned designers.


A specialist of Gastronomy, Wine, Table manners, Hosting etiquette and Protocols, Hélène now runs her own consulting company, offering professional consulting and “out of the box” educational services to all type of businesses where Service is a key differentiating factor, from Hospitality, to retail, restaurants, banks, education and many more.


Fascinated by history and traditions, she also conducts workshops around the French Lifestyle and Culture for top French companies in the region. 


Investment  Fee

SG$ 835.00 per person

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