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Hospitality Programs


Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. It relates or denotes the business of entertaining clients, conference delegates, or other official visitors.The characteristics of the personnel working in direct contact with the customers is very important. The authenticity, professionalism, and actual concern for the happiness and well-being of the customers that is communicated by successful organizations is a clear competitive advantage.

Service Quality and Showmanship

This fun, interactive yet challenging seminar is adding the practice to the theory, transforming the participants into true leaders of the service industry.


Bad service happens more often than we wish, we all have experienced this moment when frustration arises either because your waiter is clearly not interested, the sales person simply says NO or when the manager cannot think “out of the box” to solve your problem.


Built in 3 days, the first part will explain participants how to understand customer care and what Excellence in Service Quality truly means, the second part of the seminar is about discovering and practicing our soft skills through games and role play especially designed for this purpose.


It is said that when one work in the service industry, one has to step on the stage. Acting technics can greatly help to develop the strong emotional intelligence and creativity that we need to have to build a successful career and to make our customers happy.

F&B Upselling
Importing Quality

This seminar will take you on a journey through the French Culture and the special bond that connects French people to their food, the respect for the “terroir” (soil) and the know-how of craftsmanship.


We will look how this respect and passion that the French show for their History and culture has led them to take the lead in certain economic area such as gastronomy, fashion, cosmetic and luxury hospitality.


When service providers are passionate and feel a sense of pride in and about their work, they are likelier to provide great service. The French case study can assist Singaporean Companies, either private or public in their pragmatic quest for Service excellence.


By studying a culture that much like Japan has developed a strong sense of appreciation for artisanal products, one can easily see how such love and respect for vocations of any kind has led such countries to top the world list on product quality, service Excellency and sense of Hospitality.

Banquette Etiquette, Diplomacy & Protocol

Designed for food and beverage staff, this three-day course teaches participants how to sell effectively through upselling and suggestive selling methods so as to maximize F&B sales and overall revenue for the organization. 

Missions abroad, the hosting of cross border events and public - private negotiations are essential aspects of doing business for most firms today.


Protocol is the set of rules that prescribe the conduct or behavior that is accepted by high-ranking Government officials, diplomats and dignitaries around the world. Diplomacy is the art of negotiations. It requires having tact and being non-confrontational. Business etiquette is about understanding and doing what is socially and culturally accepted in the process of doing business.


All promote thoughtfulness; exceptionally good manners, respect, refinement and consistency in communication and can empower business people with critical skills to succeed in today’s global markets.


Note: For more details of above programs or other Hospitality training you would like to request, please feel free to contact us or email at

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