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Finance for Leaders

Effectively Communicate And Systematically Analyze Financial Statements 

Face to Face Session, Singapore
17-18 May 2023,
10AM to 5PM SGT (GMT +8)

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Note: This is a highlight of a different  preview program delivered by Duncan Williamson and not exactly this program

Clapping Audience
  • Do you find it frustrating when you don‘t understand the financial statements and find it difficult to make decisions?​

  • Do you believe that you need simpler techniques to analyze data?​

  • Do you feel stressed that even having attended a few training programmes, you are not always certain how to benchmark financial and non-financial performance?

Senior Businessman


This course will be valuable to leaders who is faced with quantitative decision making.


Analyzing Data

Business Owners & Individuals

This workshop will benefit accounting and finance leaders who is faced with model building, statistical and data analysis and more.

Includes: Businesss Owners, Investors, SME Leaders, Trainers, Speakers, Advisors, Consultants & Freelancers

Office Coffee Break

Corporate Leaders

This training will be valuable to leaders who is faced with financial and non financial reporting, budgeting and planning

Includes: Directors/Heads/Managers of Strategic Planning, Directors/Heads/Managers of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Project Managers, Risk Managers, Human Resources  and other Department Heads or Managers

This Training is Perfect For

Why This Program and  What You Will Learn from this Hand-On Workshop?

Business Meeting; Finance Meeting; Quantitative Decision Making; Financial Modelling

In this program you will be able to address the top 3 challenges most leaders face when it comes to making shrewd and prudent quantitative decisions.

Here's what you will learn on this workshop:

✅   Be able to distinguish between the three major financial statements


✅  Learn some basics of analysis, benchmark financial and non financial performance based on KPI, KRI and Balanced Scorecards

✅  Understand the various elements of management accounting and cost management

using simple techniques, tools and templates 

✅  Identifying trends and strategies contained in financial and non financial data to be able to create periodic and ad hoc performance reports for management and others

Learn Directly From  Duncan Williamson...

Duncan combines his extensive academic and training experience with significant manufacturing and commercial work. In addition to working as a teacher and trainer, Duncan has experience of working in a wide variety of settings, ranging from working as a management accountant in process industries in the UK to product cost consulting in several industries in Eastern Europe and the oil and gas industry in the Middle East. Duncan has worked in and around a number of oil and gas-based companies over recent years.

He has published books, articles and case studies on Excel and Financial Modelling. His latest books Introduction to Power Pivot and Introduction to Power BI for Desktop published by Bookboon and Amazon

Countries of Work Experience: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Romania, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Hungary, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Holland, Sudan, Albania, Qatar, Mexico, Angola

Significant Areas of Expertise: cost and management accounting, financial accounting and bookkeeping, financial reporting under IFRS, financial modelling, spread sheet modelling, and product cost modelling.

for Duncan and his Programs

Peter Yu

Happy to have attended this online training since it helps a lot in my work as analyst in Controllership. Mr. Duncan gracefully showed his expertise in the course topics , and very thankful for the useful tips/tricks of financial modelling.

Apple Mae Montablan

I have wanted a long time ago to attend a financial modelling training. My job is very heavy on spreadsheets. Sometimes, I find it frustrating when I feel like I take too long to complete a task. So, this training is kinda a dream come true for me! I was able to pick out a lot of pointers on how I can improve my worksheets

Jeni Zafra

The course is highly recommended as it provides useful information that will make data analysis easier to prepare and present. The facilitators and instructor were very organized and attended to the needs and questions of the participants.

Francis Buenaventura

Course was very comprehensive but the material very much relevant and applicable to corporate career. 

Monica Fajardo

The instructor had a very good idea of what we would need Excel to do in our work and was able to point out some really helpful and useful techniques for us to apply at work

Rizalyn Guico

There were applications that we've been using for years and only to find out there were simpler commands we can use. The training will be very useful and applicable being a finance person.

  • Why are we organizing Experiential Leadership Training?
    We want to help more leaders to 1. Learn how to apply leadership skills in a safe space through gamification 2. Close gaps on top people-related threat to growth 3. Increase confidence in influencing team and making decisions
  • Why is it important for leaders to attend this Program?
    1. This sessions give leaders an opportunity to learn what skills are important as well as when and how to apply it. 2. If they wanted to have a holistic view of what it takes to be a leader in this ever-challenging times 3. Reflect on the important behaviours and influence your team to practice this at the workplace
  • Who should attend this Program?
    1. This is perfect for leaders & business owners who want to learn how to build trust and relationship with others. 2. Managers, supervisors and team leads who would like to learn how to encourage employee engagement and collaboration in a hybrid setting
  • What to Expect in this Program?
    Expect to communicate, collaborate and learn capabilities necessary in the new normal in a fun and yet effective way
  • What Makes this Sessions Different from others?
    We are using one of the best gamification platform that is engaging and yet meaningful as this is not the usual quizzes or games run by most. The debrief helps the learners to reflect and know how to make use of what is learned at work.
  • How to register?
    Just press the Register button and choose your preferred date. For more details or in-house sessions contact us at
  • Is there a certificate issued on this program?
    We can provide you with a certificate of participation after the session.
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