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Improve Productivity & Profitability By Building Trust and Performance on a Hybrid Setting

 For HR Leaders, Learning & Development Practitioners and Team Leads
 Free 60-Minute Virtual Team Building Using Gamification
"Fast & Fun Way to Enhance Communication, Critical Thinking and  Collaboration To Build Lasting Trust & Performance of Team"

Join us on 13 May 2022, Friday at 5:00 P.M. SGT via Zoom and learn:

✓ How to engage employees virtually by bridging knowledge to implementation

✓ Improve communication skills while networking with your team

✓ Accelerate team achievement and collaboration

✓ Understand critical thinking and collaborative problem solving

This is Perfect for...

Online Workshop

Leaders & Business Owners

Who want to build relationship with teams and network or connect with other leaders in a fun way!

Includes: CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Executive Directors, Directors,  Owners, Managing Director, President and Founders

Virtual Team Meeting

HR Leaders & Department Managers

For HR Leaders and Department managers who want to encourage employee engagement and teamwork on a virtual setting.

Includes: HR Leaders, Department Heads/Managers, Supervisors, Leads,  Trainers, Freelancers, and other individuals who would like to invest in themselves.

Build Trust & Improve Performance

Through Employee Engagement

Do you know that 85% of employees are NOT ENGAGED in the workplace? 😱


Low employee engagement COSTS companies US$450-US$550 billion each year!😢


We understand that most leaders don't know how to connect well with their teams virtually.


Most find it stressful to think of ways to keep employees engaged in a hybrid setting which increased issues of trust and made performance management painful for most leaders.


💡After hundreds of conversations, program runs for customers and experimenting on different ways to engage leaders, this virtual team building caught our attention.


So how do you keep your employees engaged to ensure productivity and profitability in a virtual setting?


What can you do to encourage collaboration within teams without sacrificing their safety?

🤭 The secret is getting them together to reflect on behaviors that the team needs to achieve at work in a fun way.


That’s why we’re running an upcoming ONLINE event called Unlock Virtual Team Building

We believe that when people are engaged, they are more committed, productive and collaborative.

Do You Know That Companies With Highly Engaged Employees Are 21% MORE PROFITABLE? 🤑

​In these virtual team buildings, we will show you how to engage employees to learn important capabilities in the new normal.

'Escape the Tomb’ is an engaging experiential activity where participants travel to another dimension and experience several challenges where their creativity, perseverance and teamwork will be tested! 


Marylen Ramos-Velasco is the Founder and CEO of Customized Training Solutions (CTS) Pte. Ltd. - Asia's most trusted learning & business solutions provider. She has extensive years of experience in sales & marketing, customer service, events management, operations and training production. 


Her goal is to be able to serve and provide holistic, dynamic & transformational solutions to clients towards success. Being result driven, customer centric and passionate about what she does, Marylen and her team of experts created outcomes after outcomes for customers.

What People Say?

Don't miss out on the FUN with a Purpose. Join us Now!

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