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Leading with Accountability, Adaptability and Agility in the Next Normal


Day 3: Communication: Stakeholders are Everywhere

February 24 | Wednesday

2:00 PM

Keynote Speaker 1:


Learn how to see changes as adventures and how we can best share the experience with our organization’s stakeholders. In this keynote Tim will share the tools that you can use in your organization to ensure transformation based on his years of experience working with leaders to motivate positive change. 


Tim Wade

Transformation Leader

2:30 PM


2:40 PM

Panel 1:

Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces

Safe spaces encourage dialogue that lead to brave spaces that lead to innovation. How can leaders develop both with remote and varied work location teams? In this discussion, our panelists will share how to create brave spaces through different techniques as conversation matters. They will highlight 7 factors affecting team psychological safety that have propelled teams into brave spaces, how to practice empathy and understand others effectively through microfacial expressions and factors that influence psychological safety that affects team success.


Ina Teves

Executive Coach & Organizational Development Consultant


Sara Nystrom

Leading Expert on

MIcro Facial Expressions

Joshua cicle.png

Joshua Davies

Founder & Lead Conversation

Architect, Author of Radically Remote


Kavita Satwalekar

Authentic Leadership Coach,

Wellbeing Expert & Author of

“The Rise of SEE-19©️ Leadership”

3:55 PM


4:05 PM

Keynote Speaker 2:


With the advent of the ‘internet of things’ the rapid changing market places, business advances progressing faster every day, as a leader: How can you lead and manage your people, as well as your organisation, in this ever-changing world? Pandemic? Covid-19?


Despite being beneficial at time, these changes have brought with it increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity or, as it’s now known in leadership terminology as - VUCA. VUCA is now se as the ‘new norm’, with ‘VUCA Leadership’ defining the new art and style of leadership in the 21st Century.

Learn how to prepare and communicate your organizations’ future needs to increase cooperation, in times of VUCA.


Wijen Randhawa

Leadership and Teambuilding Trainer & Consultant

4:35 PM


4:45 PM

Panel 2:

Communication Plans Across Organization and External Stakeholders

In 2021, the value of organizations is not based on numbers but on narrative: how well a company communicates its vision and plan to get there. That single-minded vision needs to permeate across the whole organization, stakeholders, partners and customers. The challenge of getting that message across is harder than ever, especially in a workplace where employees no longer work out of a single location or even share an office space at all. In this panel discussion, we explore how business leaders keep lines of communications open both internally and externally. How can we best communicate our key messages to our stakeholders? How can we communicate the concept of hope, strength and togetherness?


Miguel Bernas


Entrepreneur, Media & Marketing Consultant, CMO-At-Large, Content Strategist, Startup Mentor

Karen Yew

Karen Yew

Javed Malik

Group COO at AirAsia,

Executive Advisor to FTE

Group Chief Communications and Branding Officer at Surbana Jurong Private Limited

John Pastor.png

John Pastor

Chief Operating Officer, GHL Systems PH


Dinesh Subramaniam

Director, Digital & Communication, Wartsila

6:00 PM


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