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Mastermind Session

For Business Leaders, Managers & Team Leads

Don't Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Building Resilience Choosing Joy


When: 24 September 2021 (Friday)

Senior Businessman

Business Owners & C-Levels

This course will be valuable to business leaders who wants to know how to select and prioritize strategies and initiatives.

Includes: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Business Owners, Directors, Division Heads and Senior Managers

Business Woman Vision

Team Leaders & Managers

This workshop will benefit leaders who would like to know how to make a process that is more efficient and effective especially during the pandemic.

Includes: Department Heads, Department Managers and Team Leaders

This Training is Perfect For...


​During a pandemic, consumers, employees, and businesses tend to change behavior in order to survive. Consumers become price sensitive in selecting products and services. Employees fear the effect to their safety and economic standing. And businesses have to restrict all unnecessary spending in order to save cash. In other words, behavior drastically has to change because of the effects brought about by a pandemic like COVID 19.


In business, there are different perspectives on how they would bridge the pandemic times depending on how much cash reserves they have. For the cash abundant businesses, they continue to operate with the same number of employees but on a staggered schedule basis. And they pivot fast to other business models or products and services like essential products. While those that are not cash abundant, they resort to immediate mass headcount reduction and closing some business units in order to save the mother ship to keep afloat until the storm has passed. The problem sometimes is the haste of doing all these, is that, it may result in bad quality of product and services that has direct effect on customer satisfaction that may lead to loss sales. 


Lean Six Sigma is a management system and a problem-solving methodology that will equip leaders of businesses on how to make a process that is more efficient and effective especially during the pandemic.

Meeting Room Business

Equip business leaders on how to select and prioritize strategies and initiatives

Business Brainstorming

Learn how to organize and lead strategic initiatives to fruition – the Lean Six Sigma way

Market Analysis

Learn the Lean Six Sigma approach on project management (define-measure-analyse-improve-control) on key initiatives 

Why Attend This Masterclass Session?


Dalia Feldheim is a passionate champion for people maximizing their potential. She draws on her extensive background – spanning 20 years having worked in global roles in US, Europe and Asia, and lived in 4 different countries (Israel, Geneva, Moscow and Singapore) - in corporate marketing, brand building, coaching and mindfulness to help people and organizations create sustainable change.


Dalia’s 20 years corporate career included 17 years at P&G where she led some of the world’s most successful brand-building campaigns including the iconic ‘Always Like a Girl,’ the most viral viewed ad of 2015 and winner of 14 Cannes awards. Later appointed Chief Marketing Officer for Electrolux Asia, she led a transformational change program that turned around the region to BIC consumer and digital centric.


A mother of three, Dalia has a particular passion for supporting women. While based in Moscow, she founded P&G’s Russia Women’s Network, and later did the same in Singapore. She also authored an internal book to help women within P&G better navigate combining career and family that has since been translated into 26 languages.


In 2018 Dalia decided to leave the corporate marketing career to establish her own Leadership Consultancy (Flow Leadership Consulting) and focus full time on her passion for supporting leaders to impact change with greater Purpose, Joy and Mindful flow.


A psychology and business major, an ICF accredited executive coach, she is currently also completing her INSEAD master’s in organizational psychology, as well as a Miami University Diploma in positive psychology and happiness studies (HSA). She currently is an adjunct professor for happiness at work at SMU (Singapore Management University).


She facilitates women’s leadership programs including her Brave to Lead Like A Girl workshop. Apart from women leadership, she has been invited to speak internationally on a variety of topics including ‘Purpose Led Leadership’ and ‘Lead with Flow-Mindfulness and joy at work’ and has spoken on TEDx Women in Dec 2019.


Her book ‘Dare to lead like a girl’ is due 2h 2020. A strong believer in paying it forward, Dalia is heavily involved in fundraising for Emerging Hope Lanka that provides micro-business loans for Sri Lankan women and is the country manager for TOM- Tikun Olam Makers bringing high tech innovation to people with disabilities.


Originally from Israel, and an Israeli-defence force Platoon commander of 250 soldier platoon, Dalia resides in Singapore with her entrepreneurial husband and their three teenager children. In her spare time, Dalia enjoys teaching yoga and live more in mindful flow herself.

Here's What You Will Learn from this Mastermind Session

Understand and learn Lean Six Sigma and its DMAIC roadmap and be able to apply immediately at work

  • Lean Six Sigma Defined

  • How can organizations benefit from Lean Six Sigma during economic crisis

  • The Lean-DMAIC Roadmap applied to cost reduction and revenue growth

  • Tips of Lean Six Sigma deployment

  • Pitfalls in Lean Six Sigma practices

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