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For Strategy Level Executives, Senior Managers & Team Leaders


Building Psychological Safety To Coach High Performing Teams

Note: This video was taken from the previous session on Coaching During Turbulent Times which provides different outcome from upcoming session.


When: 29 October 2020


Time: 10:00 to 11:00 AM, SGT

Senior Businessman

Business Owners & C-Levels

This course will be valuable to strategic leaders who would like to coach and inspire their team.

Includes: CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, Business Owners, Directors, Division Heads and Senior Managers

Business Woman Vision

Team Leaders & Managers

This workshop will benefit everyone who would like to improve team effectiveness and productivity through fostering team psychological safety to address finger-pointing and fault-finding while improving accountability of team members.

Includes: Department Heads, Department Managers and Team Leaders

This Training is Perfect For...


It has been commonplace in the last 8 months of the pandemic to talk of two kinds of normal: The Old Normal, that is, the day before we all went on quarantine and the New Normal, also known as the Now Normal.  One the one hand, people want to go back to the way it was, and on the other, people are now adapting to what it is.  It is an uninspiring thought. What if…we could all dare to talk about a Better Normal? Would our bosses, peers, or staff “shush” us down? Not if we create a brave space for dialogue and creativity for our teams.


Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School researcher and author of The Fearless Organization, in her groundbreaking research on teams, discovered that high performing teams are learning teams and that learning teams are had team psychological safety – “the shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking.” Google’s Project Aristotle, a study of 180 teams at Google found that “what really mattered was less about who is on the team, and more about how the team worked together” and the number one factor that contributed to team effectiveness was, again, team psychological safety.

Is it safe to share diverse ideas in your team? How about making mistakes? Or asking for help?

Why This Learning Session?


High Performing Teams Are Teams In Brave Spaces

Learn Factors That Contribute To Team Psychological Safety


Find out how to involve your team in enhancing those factors to improve team performance

Czarina B. Teves is an organization, leadership, and personal transformation consultant with 25 years’ experience in the private and public sector.

She is a Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC) and has coached action learning teams for Energy Development Corp, Accenture, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Health, and Department of Education.

Coach Ina is a Certified Master Facilitator for Team Psychological Safety (TPS) and has used this to develop team practices for executive, leadership, and work teams.

She has led project teams for USAID-Department of Health, for Department of Finance/Australian Aid – Department of Education, and the Development Academy of the Philippines, among others. She is currently the head of the Professional Development Committee of the International Coach Federation – Philippines

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