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For Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals & CXO
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Charisma Accelerator

"Gain Clarity And Confidence Towards The Best Version of You"

Saturdays, 12NN AEST or 10AM SGT 
1 hour for 8 weeks


Young Businesswomen


This masterclass will benefit entrepreneurs who would like to have resilient self-confidence

Insurance Agent

Sales Professionals

This masterclass will be valuable to sales professionals who would like to grow their sales



This course will benefit leaders who would like to retain their high performing leaders in their organization

This Training is Perfect For...



Are you worried because of your inability to lead with resilient self-confidence?

Do you find it stressful to grow your sales especially in difficult times?


Have you been losing investments for not being able to keep your high performing teams?


Is your happiness dependent on people’s likes and positive comments online or offline? Is it judgment-proof and resilient enough to thrive amidst the waves of criticism?

In this masterclass, Jeremiah will share the key to resilient confidence that lies in your choice to truly accept yourself and leverage your strengths and weaknesses. The power of Charisma, when fully tapped upon, is able to overpower any identity crisis and enable anyone to serve others to his or her best ability.

Meeting Room Business

Charisma which does not only focus on behavioral confidence but also individual and organizational confidence.

Business Brainstorming

Highly effective, tangible applications that can enhance personal charisma to unprecedented levels.

Why Attend This Masterclass Session?

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Jeremiah Teo is a World-Class Charisma Coach who specializes in clients’ personal confidence empowerment through capitalism on innate strengths, and exponential growth in high communicative performance over the past 10 years. Apart from developing life skills training curriculum for Singapore’s Ministry of Education and leading training seminars for various primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions, Jeremiah Teo also conducts public communications training for sales professionals in wide-range industries. Some of his clients include Changi Airport Group, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, AIA Group, Resort World Sentosa, Western Sydney University, Lingnan University and many more.

What people say about Jeremiah & his coaching?

"Meeting Jeremiah Teo for His Charisma Coaching Program Cycle has been a blessing. Following his methodology and weekly coaching sessions, it has greatly assisted me in my personal development journey. One of the key areas of focus and improvement has been Clarity. With Charisma Coaching Program Cycle, I have gained clarity in my Identity Statements, which provides a clearer and stronger foundation for me in moving forward towards all I do whether it's in my personal and/or business life."

"I would highly recommend Charisma Coaching to anyone who is serious to learn more about themselves and how to identify and harness your great qualities to be the best version of yourself.
For me, Jeremiah’s approach to asking questions and allowing myself to express my thoughts and emotions, combined with his great listening skills and ability to interpret what I share, has really highlighted to me that he is a great coach." 

- Christopher Giuliano, Director of Construction, Delta Built

Here's What You Will Learn from Charisma Accelerator

Charisma Coaching is a Self-Empowerment Discovery and Transformational Journey which not only facilitates a greater Clarity of Identity but also reveals and creates effective next steps for Exponential Charisma Growth.

Charisma Coaching is a Journey of Ideation that walks the participants through an 8-Steps Program Cycle, namely:

1) CLARITY – Discovering Who You are Called to Be and Who You Want to Be

2) HABITS – Identify and Carry out Small and Winnable Daily Actions in Building Personal Identity Goals

3) ACCOUNTABILITY – Creating Your Inner Circle of People Who Are Already the Person Whom You Want to Be

4) REVIEW – Refine and Fine-tune Identity and Habit Goals across Seasons

5) IMPLEMENTATION – Taking Ownership of Your Time and Energy through Effective Charisma Strategies

6) SUPERPOWERS’ DISCOVERY – Leverage on Personal Strengths and Excel in Today’s Virtual, Social World

7) MASTERY OF CHARISMA – Know and Own Your Charisma

8) AFFIRMATION – Establish Your Charisma Foundations and Serve Others

Charisma Coaching Program Cycle's 5 Areas of Life Transformation are:

1) Public Speaking Confidence🎙️

2) Sales Resilience 💪

3) High Performance in Workplaces 🚀

4) Emotional Intelligence 🧠

5) Leadership Growth 📈


Charisma Coaching mainly focuses on 3 Methodologies:

a) Deep Listening 👂

b) Eliciting 🗣️

c) Strategy 🎯


Charisma Coaching does not promise any immediate transformation that is outside-in and short-lived. However, it does guarantee an Inside-out, Identity-based Transformation which builds long-term, sustainable positive changes in Personal Confidence and High Performance.


Each of you should use whatever gift (charisma)  you have received to SERVE OTHERS, as faithful stewards of God's grace (charis) in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

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