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Bowtie Risk Managment Masterclass &

Certified Tripod Beta Practitioner Course

26-30 March 2018 | Beijing, China ; 16-20 April 2018 | Singapore

Benefits for Bowtie:

At the end of the workshop participants will have a thorough understanding of what is risk and risk perception

• a thorough understanding of the two building blocks of the Risk-MS through a series of exercises

• an understanding of how to demonstrate Due Diligence (ALARP)

• an understanding of the relation between the HSE-MS and the HSE Case and how to use the BowTie in this context


Benefits for Tripod:

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to

• Describe the context in which the Tripod Beta methodology fits

• Use Tripod Beta theory to construct accurate Tripod Beta diagrams.

• Use Tripod Beta theory and tree to set up a quality investigation plan

• Understand Human Behavior and the Human Error theory model

• Identify remedial actions to prevent reoccurrence as well as the next incident

• Progress to phase two of the Tripod Beta Practitioner Accreditation process

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