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Technical, Functional and Operations Training 


Technical, Functional and Operations Training are vital to any industries. Every company has its own different needs, whether it is a general knowledge, a certification training or an advanced program on a specific skill. These will benefit your company and your team towards business success, safety and best practices. CTS offers a wide range of courses that can be customized to fit your requirement. The special competence of our expert partners and our ability to put together from its extensive portfolio of training offerings customized training packages that reflect the latest methods and principles of teaching for every client.

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Human Factors in Aviation


This two day workshop was designed as a result of many companies sending their pilots to the maintenance workshop. As a result, HPIA was created and is a combination of crew decision making and the maintenance workshop. These two workshops had about 70% in common as maintenance and pilots are both human.


Participants will learn what they can do to avoid making the error that no one ever intends to make.    

Pilot Decision Making

This three-days workshop was designed by aviation personnel for single pilot operations but can be attended by any aviation personnel. It is highly interactive and helps answer why a conscientious person can end up causing an accident.


Participants will learn what they can do to avoid making the error that no one ever intends to make.  This workshop, while developed for single pilot aircraft, has about 40% in common with the multicrew Crew Decision Making Part 1 workshop.  This is because both are human and make human errors.  Thus any human can learn and apply some of what is covered no matter what his/her occupation.


The workshop has been developed for either Fixed Wing (FW) or Rotary Wing (RW) pilots.  The main difference is the case studies used and some of the examples.

Inventory and Warehouse Applications


In our today’s volatile and very competitive business environment, for a company to be able to stand on top of their competition, it must be able to exhibit the right amount of responsiveness to customers’ changing needs, show significant signs of innovation, but most importantly to integrate key business process of warehousing & inventory applications that will provide service and reliability and manage their costs in order to add value to various stakeholders.


In this seminar we shall explore fundamental & progressive applications for a well managed, workable and effective environment in any warehouse, which will significantly contribute and optimise the company’s performance. 

Supply Chain Management for the Oil & Gas


Any industry is dependent upon its supply chain. All business activities are underpinned by the laws of supply and demand. Both of these factors are of particular importance to the value chain of the E&P sector of the international oil and gas industry. Massive investment; high risk and dynamic environments all contribute towards the high stakes game that is the oil and gas industry. The 3 day Masterclass is designed to provide participants with a window from which to view the component parts of the E&P industry supply chain. This will enable delegates to identify the different components of both the supply and value chains and to study and understand the complex nature of the interaction between them. Building upon this understanding, delegates will then look into Integration strategies to optimise the supply chain. The Masterclass then considers the operational challenges facing supply chain managers today, as well as into the future.


The Masterclass is an immersive experience – with great emphasis being placed on fluid dialogue and focus on problem solving through case studies and class exercises.

Vendor Management


Participants will be taught best practices for managing the vendor affiliation from beginning to securing contract, including documenting requirements, negotiating contract terms, and evaluating proposals. They will learn how and why to set up clearly defined roles and responsibilities between their organization and vendors.


This course, designed to provide a very effective, well-situated way to earn PMI or ponder on a particular topic.


Course Outcome:


Participants will increase their understanding, abilities, knowledge, skills in the following areas


  • The significance of the vendor contract

  • Vendor communication scheduling and development

  • Vendor management plan

  • Vendor agreement closeout

Information (ISMS) Lead Auditor             "IS Management System


Participants will be taught a very good understanding of the thoughts behind of the ISMS program as well as an objective view of the ISMS standards and requirements using vocational learning methodology (Combination of lectures, group exercises, case studies, role playing and quick effective short know-how tests time to time).  It will arm Information security experts with the knowledge, expert view and abilities/cleverness required to access the coherence of their companies’ information security management system to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.


Course Outcome:


Participants will be armed with knowledge and proficiency required carrying out IT Audits Vs ISMS standards and requirements.


For more details of above programs or other Aviation, Logistics and ICT training you would like to request, please feel free to contact us or email at

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