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AICenter's AAAI program -
Applications of AI Across Industries

Colleagues Working Together

Who Is This Program For?

This AAAI program is designed for anyone who wants to build and implement an AI program that will increase positive impacts on their business and their customer relationships. This unique educational video series features AI Center's subject matter experts who will provide participants with basic AI principles. This program is a personal "tool kit" designed specifically to help participants:

  • Identify potential opportunities to improve their businesses.

  • Properly frame questions and opportunities to maximize positive impacts and contributions your AI program can deliver to your business.

  • Avoid pitfalls when building the foundation of your AI program.

  • Learn from experts in their respective fields and participate in the current AI-related topics and developments.

Small and medium-sized companies


If you are an industry leader or manager with a small or medium-sized company and are interested in leveraging AI to improve your business, a few points to consider before implementing AI for your business might include:

  • Problem Framing - an important first step in designing an AI program

  • Prioritizing business problems - what do you want to solve with AI?  

  • Legal Considerations – legal aspects that should be considered before introducing AI solutions to your business

  • AI Ethics: Ensuring data for your project represents ethical, gender equality, and diversity for your organization and your customers

  • Implementation considerations: frameworks and building your AI plan

All these areas and much more are covered in the AAAI program



Today more than ever, maintaining relevance in the ever-changing business world is important for career advancement and organizational stability. Regardless of industry, vertical, or discipline, continuous learning is imperative. The AAAI program was founded to offer current and future business leaders, as well as anyone curious and passionate about AI, a strong foundation to build their personal AI journey.  

The AAAI Difference  

We saw the need of creating an Executive Summary-like online, video-based training in AI, that is a convenient, effective, cost-efficient way to acquire a strong foundational understanding of AI.

AAAI is designed to instill confidence, seed curiosity, and enable participants to engage in AI discussions that explore opportunities for growth, improved customer experience, and increased efficiency.

The program is focused on relevant, core AI attributes and principles in the context of more mature technologies. We invited experts with the strongest credentials in their disciplines and who are at the forefront of the industry, to deliver this program bringing their knowledge, experience, and industry foresight. Our speakers include an Engati-recognized top 20 AI influencer 2021, advisors to Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 corporations, and subject-matter authorities touching topics at the forefront of AI. 

To ensure that we designed a program that meets our goals and industry standards, we invited prospective program participants and industry experts to evaluate our content. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

“Spot on, these videos really gave an excellent introduction to AI. The areas included in the tutorial program contained what one could have hoped to see. Some of the videos gave clear and straightforward advice, while others were more inspirational and focused upon what others had done in this field.”

“It feels like a great program that a company owner, CTO or equal can use to kick-off AI initiatives based on an identified need for business improvement.”

“It gives a basic understanding of what AI is and what to think about before you start a project.”

“The program addresses very interesting and important topics. It explains the history of AI from inception to the new trends. I like it a lot and I hope that you will continue to do more programs of this style.”

“It is a very good explanation and introduction to AI for people who want to implement AI, but who may not know where to start. It is an important step to the AI democratization.”

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