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For Executive Assistants, Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Office Manager & Office Administrators

“Be seen as the Boss”

4-8 March 2024, Singapore

22-26 April 2024, Dubai

4-8 November 2024, Singapore

11-15 November 2024,  Dubai

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Do you get stressed when you have to stand-in for the boss at key meetings?


Do you have to cope with ethical challenges on a regular basis?


Do you need to undertake effective negotiation with suppliers, clients and co-workers?

70% of CEO trust their EA’s judgement on business decision on their behalf but just 25% of Assistants feel they are trusted most of the time, only 6% feel they influence business decisions all the time... 

The groundbreaking, globally recognised, certified & accredited training programme for the modern day Executive Assistant! The Advanced Certificate for the Executive Assistant: ACEA® is an intensive and interactive 5-day executive level training programme.

The role of the Executive Assistant is on a journey and the responsibilities of this highly demanding and visible role continue to grow exponentially. ACEA® equips current and aspiring Executive Assistants with the skills and knowledge they need to excel. To become a true ‘business partner’ to an Executive, it is imperative that Executive Assistants have a deep understanding of the business and their Executives’ role & responsibilities. Organisations are looking for Assistants that possess‘Executive Level’ business acumen and skills now more than ever.


Training Methodology

The course is based on a balanced combination of classroom teaching and syndicate exercises supported by case studies and exercises within the industrial environment. This course is designed in with leading industry knowledge and practical case studies discussion and analysis to provide an interactive learning environment.


By attending this highly informative course, delegates will learn how to:

  • Gain a broader understanding of business, increase business acumen & bring new ideas/skills to your organisation

  • Give your Executive greater confidence to delegate more important and critical tasks to you

  • Be able to manage projects more efficiently and assist your Executive in their role as Project Sponsor

  • Develop skills to increase your productivity through enhanced Time Management and Delegation Skills

  • Gain respect from senior Executives and the Board

  • Join & share experiences with EAs from other sectors and nationalities

  • Stand out with a globally recognised accredited certification

  • Enhance the recognition of the role & its responsibilities

  • Show everyone what you are capable of

  • Rejuvenate your passion for your career and take the next step up the career ladder

  • Learn from world renowned Executive trainers & accomplished business leaders



Female Entrepreneur

Vicki Faint, Exec Asst

“I highly recommend this course for all EAs or PAs who are looking for high level training. Having being in the administrative profession for 30+ years – this is the first high level course I have attended that left you exhausted every night having had a full intense day of effective training to enhance a strategic working partnership with your manager. Well done Richard for outstanding facilitation of this course.” 

Young Businesswoman

Grace Ayishetu, EA 

This training is the best I have ever attended outside my organizational leadership degree course. It is perfect for EAs, PAs and Administrative Professionals at different levels of their careers in all business environments. The group exercise sessions were invaluable and worked especially well for me by reinforcing all I learned. I cannot say enough about the ACEA course. I recommend that everyone in Admin attends. It was a great investment in myself and simply put; just Excellent!”

Business Woman

Brenda L. Rogers CAP, OM, 

“After reading the course objectives and reviews, my expectations for ACEA were high. I must say that after completing the week-long course, Richard EXCEEDED my expectations. The class was energetic, interactive, safe, and, dare I say, fun. It was wonderful meeting people from all over the world!” 

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