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Stress Management in Workplace

by Mr. Devendra Dewal

5-7 September 2016 | Hong Kong



Dealing with stress at working life is big challenge for individuals and for organizations both. Organizations often face a very high cost for inefficiency, conflicts and wrong decisions by working people because of the stress in their life.


Stress is the reason that individuals cannot access and use their potential and intelligence at peak, for an effective, successful and happy life. As opposed to usual theoretical understanding of the stress, this workshop is about understanding the stress as an experience in body-mind system and to learn-experiential and effective tools for living in relaxation and wellbeing.


Workshop has focus on the power of Self-Awareness to come out of the weaknesses and to discover the self potential that can become a revolutionary support for a right change in people and in any organization.



  • An experiential review of the body, state of mind and emotional living

  • Discovering-actually what have we done to our body-mind in order to have a better life

  • What is the experience of AWARENESS? How it can transform life?

  • Learning to become aware of the body, its tensions and learning to relax it

  • Understanding the nature of the mind, its belief-systems and its role in our quality of life

  • How to relax the continuous activity of thoughts and worries?

  • Bringing awareness to the emotions and learning to act intelligently in emotional storms

  • Learning tools and methods to reduce stress in life

  • Learning techniques to deal with stressful situations

  • Understanding self-judgments and becoming capable of living the potential

  • Learning active meditation techniques for inner and physical health in daily life

  • Understanding yourself and others to create a healthy and enjoyable workspace



Methodology of the workshops is based on a variety of techniques, such as active meditations, breathing exercises, awareness and centering practices, guided hypnosis etc. In the workshop participants can experience the relaxation, awareness and being present to their body-mind. Also they learn take-home techniques to maintain these qualities in their active life.




  • Introduction of the participants at deeper level by exploring the causes of stress for them along with what qualities and understanding can help.

  • Stress as an experience: What happens in body and mind when we are stressed?

  • Concept of relaxation in active working life. How to develop personal skills to live a relaxed and active life of performance-both together

  • The levels of the SELF: BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS.

  • Connecting with the body, being aware of the body, its tensions and learning to relax it through experiential active techniques.

  • What is a joyful experience and wellbeing at body level?

  • The discussion and questions about the experience from the exercises.

  • Meditation Technique for Stress release



  • MIND and its role in creating the stress life.

  • Understanding your own mind and your stress in life.

  • How mind works – and what and how it can be changed for a stress free life

  • Exercises to be objective of our won mind.

  • Exercises for relax the worries and uncontrolled intense mind activity.

  • Meditation technique for relaxing body-mind



  • Emotions and Stress

  • Life and emotions – how we function and do things during emotions – and what we deal in life because of our actions in emotional states

  • Do I live driven by emotions or do I have a mastery over emotions?

  • Learning to have mastery over emotions by exercises – going into emotion, experiencing them and learning a conscious capacity for the mastery of the emotions.

  • Integrating the experience and learning

  • How to practice the learning from workshop?

  • Art of a stress free everyday life


About the Trainer

Devendra Singh Dewal is an experienced facilitator and trainer in the areas of personal development and discovering the potential. Through his workshops and individual coaching and support he has helped thousands of people in their life.


Based and working with people at OSHO International, Pune, India, which a one of the largest growth center of the world, attracting people from more than 120 countries.  His experience as trainer is more than 30 years in Meditation, Mindfulness and in many other different areas of human growth. He has worked with people from around the world and in different countries including- Germany, Spain, Sweden and Greece, Lithuania, India, Malaysia, China, Russia, Brazil etc.


His range of work includes ancient eastern methods of meditation to modern OSHO Active Meditations.  Along with Meditation, he is trained psychological and communication skills to help participants in bringing awareness and understanding of themselves, their problems and right and effective solutions.


Courses, workshops and session:

  • Stress Management

  • Conscious Communication

  • Inner Skills for Work and life

  • Art of Awareness for Effective life

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Meditation in everyday life

  • Breath and Meditation

  • OSHO Active Meditation Training

  • Balance Your Life

  • The Middle path

  • Breath Energy,

  • Opening to Feeling- Breath

  • Alchemy of Breath

  • Being Here- Fast Track to Yourself

  • Hypnosis and Relaxation

  • Self Hypnosis for Meditation

  • No-Mind Meditative Therapy

  • Individual sessions for resolving personal issues in life


Born in 1951 in Rajasthan, India. Devendra Dewal is graduate in Science (Biology) - B. Sc. --from University of Rajasthan and in graduate in Law -- L. L.B from University of Jodhpur, India.


Investment Fee

SG$ 835.00 per person


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