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Struggling with How to Win Over People?

The Critical Elements of Your Inner Psychological Talent

Over the last couple of years, I have noticed many people struggling with how they can best move forward with their lives / wining over people and their latent in doing well in business / personal life.

Yes, it is a great challenge and all is about your skill and capabilities to place you in the path of success. Well, to start with you need to go back to basic foundations like self-awareness, relationship building, and communication styles, and approach with your networks.

Regardless what pathway you take, you need to commence with Self-awareness which integrates Emotional Intelligence (EI), your natural gift (strengths) values, beliefs and purpose in life and business.

You can start to do a kind of evaluation to identify your Emotional Quotient (EQ), then trailing your emotions on a daily basis (i.e. start at any point in time of your day that you feel a momentous change in your emotions. It is strongly recommended to identify what emotion took place, the cause (episode prior to emotion) and any narratives you have with this emotion.

It has been scientifically proven that people who have high emotional intelligence are top leaders and are people of influence. Emotional intelligence involves both how you pathway your hold emotions but in addition how you trail or feel other people's emotions (having this capability will assist you enormously in leading & influencing those around you).

It is important to know that Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be developed by proper training and continuous daily discipline & exercise. You can take the first step by attending my upcoming ‘Results without Authority’ workshop and all you need to do is Register, Attend and Be Attentive throughout this 2-day workshop.

You need to be mindful that your emotions are setting the energy you are working with, when you feel worn out, or on the other hand high energy take not of what is driving your emotion at that point in time. Emotion Is Energy In Motion.

Over the course of this 2-day workshop I will cover advanced self-awareness, EQ, Influencing and Negotiation skills and how these key elements will prepare you for your journey to definitive success.

To find out more or register you can visit us at

About the Author

Dr. Ben Hamilton

Agile Interim Executive Professional | Coach | Mentor

Dr. Ben Hamilton has over 35 years’ of international experience, visionary, dynamic, goal / profit oriented agile Senior-level Business Strategist | IT professional | Entrepreneur | Out of the box pragmatic thinker, polyglot, trained, certified corporate hands-on coach & trainer experienced as CEO, COO, VP Business Development, Agile Business | People transformation and Innovator for fortune 100 companies like ANZ, IBM, GE and Amadeus with over decades that includes years of experience across areas of International Business Performance | Excellence, Strategic Management, Innovation | Knowledge Management, CRM, ERP, Software Development Integration & Sociability (SDLC), Enterprise BPM, Business Development, BI, BPO, ISMS, ITSM, Service Delivery | Operations, PMO, Project |Program | Product Management, Vendor | Supplier Management, Incident | Change Management, People | Process Management, Training and Education.

He demonstrated excellence in Humanize Leadership, People and Project Management with solid strategic planning, clear-cut scoping, executing, validating, controlling, monitoring, delivering high value product / service that match customer’s quality requirements (PMP, Agile, Six Sigma, Lean Startup, NLP, ISO 9001, ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified) conform to time, budget constraints, based on existing barriers / resources, align with the overall vision, mission, objective of the initiative by utilizing agile mind-set approach to drive continuous creativity, maximizing efficiencies / productivity, delivery, improvement, revenue growth, reaching beyond customer satisfaction and exceed the needs of the marketplace in IT, Banking, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Airlines, hotel industries and associated markets. In addition, avoids scope-creep by balancing business | tech-side and customer needs with realistic professional commitment and common sense while leading projects to successful completion that exceeds expectation. Does all that better than others because of his 48 countries life / business experience complemented with a true network and collaboration experience where he had opportunities to “Learn & Earn” from top life and business experts real days lessons.

Laurels and Awards

  • 2012 Excellence Awards for Outstanding Performance (Presented by President | CEO of Amadeus Corporate)

  • 2011 Best Innovation & Quality Excellence for Management Style (Presented by President of Amadeus Asia)

  • 2005 Leadership Award for Excellence Program Management & Demonstrating high values (Presented by President | CEO of GE Corporate)

  • 2000 DWS Business Solution Consultant of the Year for Professionalism, Work quality, Reliability and Client Relations

  • 1999 Best Overall Achievement for Software Quality & Software Engineering Project [IBM-GSA]

  • 1998 Outstanding Achievement for Customer, Process & Information – IT Services [IBM & Telstra]

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