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Having an issue on meeting customers demand?


Tired of problems that are not visible and not being solved from the root cause?


Cost and wastage too high?

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Japan "Lean Thinking" Immersion Tour (JLIT™)

24-28 June 2019 | Japan

2-6 December 2019 | Japan

At the birth place of Lean, learn how to breath life into your business no matter what industry by:​

  • Creating Lean Roadmap of "how to activities" focused on that next level of performance.

  • Common understanding and knowledge of the "Lean Systems" creating a network of supportive professionals

  • See specific cost reduction and productivity ideas that can be easily adopted

  • And so many others...

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Who Should Attend JLIT?


The best way to make the most of the Japan Lean Immersion Tour is as a TEAM! 

When two or more people from the same organization have the same experience, develop a common vision and commit to drive Lean-thinking together, great things are bound to happen.

The ideal candidates for this experience are:

  • Business owners, executives and senior managers

  • Functional & departmental upper & middle managers 

  • Supervisors, union reps, informal opinion leaders

  • Trainers, lean experts, improvement specialists

  • Change agents & project leaders

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What Can You Expect from JLIT?

1. Professional benchmarking engagements that connect to every aspect of modern business - from operational excellence initiatives and business modelling / marketing strategies to customer-centric challenges.

2. The ability to:


  • Focus on meeting customer demand.

  • Set and sustain higher operational standards.

  • Make problems visible & solve root causes.

  • Empower talent to be creative & innovative.

  • Learn & live the “Go See” behavior.

  • Eliminate waste relentlessly.

  • Implement Takt, Flow and Pull thinking.

  • Build quality into all of your processes.

3. “Real-life” solutions in operational & transactional settings

By establishing long-term strategic relationships with more than 250 organizations in the past 18 years, we are able to provide our clients with “on-the-floor” immersive experiences. 

This allows us to offer engaging ideas, systems and practices like no other company can, which affords you the maximum exposure to real Lean in action:

  • Managing back of the house operations

  • Lean digitalization

  • Lean control systems

  • Lean office best practices

4. Experienced practitioners and support staff –

  • Our lean experts (consultants & Japanese sensei’s) have more than 80+ years of combined experience around the world  transforming businesses.

  • Additionally, our professional logistics & linguistics team ensures that even the unspoken needs of our participants are exceeded.

  • We are perfectly situated to make your tour an unforgettable learning experience.

  • We have the passion, purpose and commitment to help your team achieve remarkable sustainable results!

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DJ Duartes 32 years as a Global Optimization Expert & Leadership Coach has enabled him to influence the practical application, facilitation and implementation of business processes and systems as well as the development of leaders with the right mindsets & behaviors to support sustainable change.  He has worked in a variety of industries from manufacturing (automotive, construction, electronics & medical devices), service (resorts, casinos & retail stores), healthcare (out-patient care & documentation), aerospace (maintenance & servicing), logistics and back office/shared service environments (finance, HR, IT, & procurement). His expertise spans 7 continents, 40 different cultures, 17 different industries and several leading global consulting firms

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