Deliver Best Returns through Financial Modelling 

"Gaining sound and practical insights from advanced techniques of Excel"

4-6 May 2020 | Manila, Philippines and 6-8 October 2020 | Singapore

Major Benefits of Attending


  • ANALYSE financial statements using modelling

  • CREATE a Budget and make changes to different scenarios

  • DEVELOP a model for investment decision

  • MANAGE existing financial proposals to deliver the best returns

  • PRACTISE preprogrammed Excel Macros as they apply to certain situations

Attend our Full Workshops:

Basic Financial Modelling Full Workshop

Aug 3, 5 & 7, 9AM - 12 NN SGT

Data Analytics Full Workshop

Aug 17, 19 & 21, 9AM - 12 NN SGT

Intermediate Financial Modelling

Aug 31, Sept 2 & 4, 9AM - 12NN SGT

Advanced Financial Modelling

Sept 14, 16, 18, 9AM - 12NN

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This three day course entitled Financial Modelling for Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel reflects tasks that are among the most important and yet least favourite areas of work of many senior managers, accountants and others. In this course, we will walk you out of the potential minefield you are currently living in by introducing you to Microsoft Excel and the Business Intelligence elements of advanced functions and formulas, Power Query and Power Pivot technologies.


One aspect of life in Excel that many people can relate to is that if someone has learned how to use the VLOOKUP function, they think they are now an advanced Excel user. In this course, you will go way beyond that thought and appreciate that Power Query and Power Pivot can not only take away the need for anyone to learn VLOOKUP and so on but you will come to appreciate that you have even more power than ever.


Your trainer is highly experienced in all aspects of the contents of this course: he has worked as an accountant, consultant and trainer and has written many books on the subject. Many courses in this area talk about fictitious widgets and they use data sets from text books: as a data magnet, your trainer creates and provides real life case studies that will help you to apply what you learn to your own real world situation.

Who Should Attend?


This workshop will be valuable to everyone who is faced with quantitative decision making, financial and non financial reporting, budgeting and planning, model building, statistical and data analysis and more.


  • CEO/CFO/COO/Finance Directors/Financial Controllers /Heads of Finance

  • Financial Analysts

  • Directors/Heads/Managers of Strategic Planning

  • Directors/Heads/Managers of Business Development

  • Financial/Equity/Treasury Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • Project Financiers and Lenders

  • Accountants and Auditors

  • Financial controllers

  • Risk managers

  • Credit managers

  • Financial and management accountants

  • Financial project administrators

  • Project finance professionals

  • Financial planners


This course will focus on the tools and techniques available in Microsoft Excel which will enable you to develop your own solutions to your own problems.

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By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Assess your current level of knowledge and expertise

  • Use Excel to leverage your data and your current reports as you create leading edge solutions

  • Get data, build and apply a Query in Excel

  • Assess the acceptability of a capital investment project including the use of Scenarios

  • Carry out more advanced analysis of data using advanced Pivot Table features

  • Use Macros in Excel

  • Follow a case study approach to data analysis and investigation, including the use of DAX



Participants should have a good, intermediate level, working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. VBA and Macros in conjunction with Excel will also be introduced in this training so a basic knowledge of them will help.


Participants should bring their own Windows based laptops preferably with a full installation of Office 365/Excel 2016, to the workshop.


In addition, we assume that the mainstay topics are already familiar to you. Everyone with an intermediate knowledge of Excel is welcome to attend this course and once you have seen the more advanced elements of our work, you will definitely want more!


One to two weeks before the start of the course, you will be given the joining instructions for the course as well as most of the files we will be working on during the course.

What do they say about our Live In-person runs? 

"Very well organised, highly informative, and a chance to get to know more people outside our department." - Rico Escaler, Corporate Strategy & Development Associate, Ayala Corporation

"Course was very comprehensive but the material very much relevant and applicable to corporate career. - Francis Buenaventura, Treasury Specialist, Ayala Corporation

"The instructor had a very good idea of what we would need Excel to do in our work and was able to point out some really helpful and useful techniques for us to apply at work." - Monica Fajardo, Finance Analyst, Ayala Corporation

"There were applications that we've been using for years and only to find out there were simpler commands we can use. The training will be very useful and applicable being a finance person. " - Rizalyn Guico, Finace Manager, Ayala Automotive

"Learned a lot of new concepts and enhanced my efficiency in excel." - John Albert Ong, Business Development Analyst, Ayala Corporation Infrastructure

"Great course, with all the new learnings in Excel, Power Q, Power BI, should improve production time  significantly." - John Armand Ong, Finance Manager, Ayala Corporation

"CTS provides an easy step by step guidance on modeling concepts and the instructor really knows what he's talking about." - Anonymous, Ayala Infrastructure

What do they say about our recent Live Online Learning runs? 

"Duncan has been great and easy to follow in explaining the content material. While online sessions are not as dynamic or engaging as in-person, there was great effort to make it as engaging as possible online."- - Hilary

"Happy to have attended this online training since it helps a lot in my work as analyst in Controllership. Mr. Duncan gracefully showed his expertise in the course topics , and very thankful for the useful tips/tricks of financial modelling." - Peter Yu

"They follow the time schedule, providing us with the materials we need for the training and they were very accommodating with our questions. Also, they explain the training step by step, started with Description, explained the usage, then proceed with the process." - Krist Faronilo

"I have wanted a long time ago to attend a financial modelling training. My job is very heavy on spreadsheets. Sometimes, I find it frustrating when I feel like I took too long to complete a task. So, this training is kinda a dream come true for me! I was able to pick out a lot of pointers on how I can improve my worksheets." - Apple Mae Montalban, Manila Water

"I appreciated the video materials and the practical excel-based approach." - JQ Quesada

"Duncan was a great instructor. He's highly competent, and I look forward to the next learning courses with him. " - Anonymous

"The course was great! Very informative and the instructor goes through every step at a good pace. He was also open to discussion and questions." - Nadine Natino


"The course is highly recommended as it provides useful information that will make data analysis easier to prepare and present. The facilitators and instructor were very organized and attended to the needs and questions of the participants. - Jeni Zafra


"Thank you so much for the successful and effective learning course. Really learned a lot. :) " - Melody 

​"We just had our first online run of Basic Financial Modeling. CTS and Duncan were able to customize the program to better suit our learners’ and organization’s needs. Even while the program was ongoing, they were agile enough to change elements of the design based on our immediate feedback. They are quick to respond to our concerns and proactive in discovering our training needs. We look forward to working with them in our future programs." - Jennifer Melaya, Ayala Corporation

"Duncan is very knowledgeable on the course. He explained the topics very well (in clear and cohesive manner) and provided good exercises for better understanding. ." - Anonymous

Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions:

  • Location is subject to change for face to face training

  • Minimum number of participants has to be reached prior to confirmation of event

  • Please note that trainers and topics were confirmed at time of publishing, however, CTS may necessitate substitution, alterations or cancellations. CTS reserves the right to change or cancel any part of its published programmed due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Registrations should be made 4 weeks prior to training date for face to face and 1 week before training date for online

  • Full payment for the course should be made prior to training date unless you have pre-arranged terms with us.

  • Cancellation 3 weeks prior to event date or no shows are liable to pay the full course with no refund, however you may substitute delegates at any time with notice

  • Participants are required to attend at least 80% of the course program prior receipt of Certificate

  • Rates are exclusive of taxes unless otherwise indicated in the invoice

  • Receipt of this email to participate and/or register in any of the learning activities organized by CTS should not in any way be taken as a promise for employment or contract of employment of any kind.

  • Force Majeure: Should for any reason outside the control of CTS, the trainer changes his dates or event cancels due to the act of terrorism, extreme weather conditions, industrial action or epidemic, CTS shall reserve the rights to replace the trainer or reschedule the event but the client hereby indemnifies and holds CTS harmless from and against any and all costs, damages and expenses, which are incurred by the client.