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Leading with Accountability, Adaptability and Agility in the Next Normal


Day 1: Leading in the Next Normal

February 22 | Monday

2:00 PM

Keynote Speaker 1:


Learn how we can adapt to a fast-changing world and prepare their teams for the ‘new normal’. Mark draws upon examples from across industries and beyond, to inspire us all into action.

COVID-19 has disrupted the workplace, forcing leaders to be comfortable managing global and virtual teams in an ever-changing, fast-moving, and uncertain business environment. In the keynote, “Leadership In A Digital Age” learn how leaders can adapt to a fast-changing world and prepare their teams for the ‘new normal’.


In this inspiring talk, learn what leading companies are doing to prepare their leaders for the future of work, and the 4-step Leadership In A Digital Age (LIDA) Framework for becoming a future-ready leader. Mark will draw on examples from across industries and beyond, to inspire the audience into action.


Mark Stuart

Virtual Speaker and Trainer on Leadership, Innovation, and the Future of work

2:30 PM


2:40 PM

Panel 1:

Adapting Quickly To Lead Effectively

Leaders need to adapt to many changes in the business and organization environment. Is there a need for us to prioritize one over the other to be able to lead effectively? In this session they will answer questions on why mindset is so critical to effective leadership and change, how to lead effectively when the going gets though and more. Our panelists will discuss the leadership shortfalls with practical solutions and proposes the emergence of new ways to measure successful leadership traits, thus creating a new, resilient generation of leaders.


Gail Gibson

Award-winning Master Performance Coach


Laura Kuimba-Yu

Entrepreneur, International Speaker &

Woman in Leadership Advocate

Chris Chew.jpg

Chris Chew

Master Trainer Certified in Leadership

& Change Learning Program

3:55 PM



Lara Quie

Legal Genie, Trusted Advisor & Coach

4:05 PM

Keynote Speaker 2:


From Idea to Business Approach – the Lean Canvas allows you to map out the key foundations of your startup. It prompts you to analyze and prioritize your goals plus looks at the problems thru key metrics, it helps you navigate through the uncertainty that comes with starting a new business.


Market Analysis Approach – an alternative approach helps you identify your advantages over your market competitors, making it easier to highlight ways to utilize those advantages. It also generates a blueprint for your consumer solutions to the presented problems.


Launch and Growth Approach – here you can revisit your Lean Canvas as your company evolves, pivots and grows. The tool helps you maintain the focus of real-life operations on your unique value proposition. The “Makoto Way“ of impacting businesses is to change the way work is done. We do this by always link our initiatives both in the facilitation phase all the way through the process engagement activities with strong Practical Problem Solving (PPS) techniques. This keynote on the Power of the Lean Canvas is no different.

This living visual tool that allows a team or organization (Startup or Traditional) to Describe, Design, Invent and Improve their ideas, helping the team to align and execute with clarity. The talk will elaborate on how this visual tool enables your team to speed up, organize and align innovative thinking and sharing practices that will ultimately influence your unique value proposition.


DJ Duarte

Global Optimization Expert &

Lean Leadership Coach

4:35 PM


4:45 PM

Panel 2:

 Social Conscious & Purpose Driven Business

Business organizations' CRS initiatives are now placed in the limelight. The pandemic has increased everyone's awareness of social issues and the positions of businesses to help alleviate or contribute to affect better situations. Is it just a trend or should leaders incorporate it as an organization standard? Our panelists will be sharing in this discussion how they incorporated social conscious and purpose driven business and why you should you do, too.


Murshidah Said

Conscious Entrepreneur, Humanitarian &Coach

thomas ngg.jpg

Thomas Ng

Founder of Genashtim


Christine Amour-Levar

Founding Partner of Women on a Mission

Thomas thomas.jpg

Thomas Thomas


6:00 PM


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